Common Exercise Myths Exposed

Getting in shape is a challenging goal. It can be made more challenging by having the wrong ideas about how to exercise properly. With so many sites, so many different self-proclaimed gurus giving advice, and an endless sea of sketchy information, misconceptions are sure to become mainstream.

What and When to Eat for Building Muscle

You may not realise this, but your body is a machine which constantly reinvents itself. Throughout the day, your body breaks down its own tissue and replaces it with new tissue created from the foods we eat and the recycled material foraged from other tissues. Every person’s body does this, but the process takes place […]

Is Juicing Good For You?

Juicing is the food trend that simply doesn’t go away. It started as a fad, but it has now stood the test of time, much like the online pokies NZ has to offer! The problem is, juicing isn’t always good for you, nor is it necessarily the healthier option. Lets take a look at the […]

The top fitness tech - Tech that Gets you Going

Some Modern Tech that will Get you Going

It’s universally acknowledged that technology has played a huge part in making us lazier. It is however also becoming increasingly obvious that the same tech that has played a role in allowing for us to enjoy increasingly sedentary lifestyles is now working towards getting us more active. There is now a huge range of what […]