Keto is a way of eating and a lifestyle that is taking the world by storm. It may seem like another new diet fad to those on the outside, and it may not suit everyone’s needs and tastes, but it has many potential benefits. People all over the world from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds are turning to the Keto diet to heal mild to severe health issues and of course, to lose weight.

So, how exactly does Keto work? The goal is to deprive your body of carbohydrates so that you stop burning glucose for energy and start burning your stored fat as your fuel. This is called ketosis, and keeping your body in this state has drastically positive effects if you are someone who suffers with auto-immune issues, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and pretty much any other metabolic issue. It is also known to hugely effect your mental health and clarity, bringing stability and balance to most things that are out of whack in your body.

If you are considering jumping on the Keto train, then here are some tips for you to ponder before you do:

  1. Counting Your Macros

The macro ratio on Keto is roughly 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrates. This method for weight loss has had much success in all kinds of people with varying weights and needs. Keeping your macros at the correct percentage is important, having too much or too little of one of the categories can result in weight gain, muscle loss and not effectively staying in ketosis.

  1. The Benefits Reach Far And Wide

The most common benefit with Keto is of course the weight loss, but the potential benefits of this diet go deeper than one would think. It can assist in reversing serious medical conditions, assist in steadying your energy levels, increase brain function and mental clarity, and heal all kinds of disorders including sexual dysfunction.

  1. Be Prepared For The “Keto Flu”

Some people who are new to Keto experience symptoms which are referred to as “Keto Flu”. This list of common symptoms includes, but is not limited to: headaches, nausea, fogginess, muscle cramping, and fatigue. This is essentially your body doing a detox and adjusting to the new way of eating. It can last for 2 days to 2 weeks and is easy to manage with rest, electrolytes, sticking to the diet and loads of water.

  1. Carbs Are Sneaky

One of the biggest shocks you may experience once getting onto Keto is how many food and beverage items contain abnormally high amounts of carbs. It is important to download an app such as CarbManager or MyFitnessPal to assist you in tracking your carbs, and macros. Just like apps for Pakistan casino games, these apps are useful and easy to use. Carbs show up in all kinds of things, especially in places you don’t expect.

Keto is a highly controversial lifestyle, many people are questioning its health, validity and ethics due to its need for high ingestion of animal products and fat. Keto won’t work for everybody, but the healing success stories, and testimonies, coming out of the Keto community speak for themselves.