While most people associate ketogenic diets with lean physiques, studies show that there are also bodybuilders who rely on keto foods to help build their muscles and bulk up. If this is news to you, and you thought high-carb was the only way to bigger biceps, then you’re in luck.

The one caveat is that to properly build muscle while following a ketogenic food plan, you’ll need to stick to a strength-building programme that challenges your muscles with progressive overload. Keep reading to discover the top keto food choices to make, as well as a few diet tweaks, that will improve your overall strength and muscles.

  1. Grass-fed beef

A keto diet high in protein is not optimal, since fat is the predominant energy source of choice to keep up ketosis. However, if you’re wanting to build muscle mass, then adding in quality protein sources is a must. Grass-fed beef remains one of the top choices, since you’ll gain more nutrients from it including omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linolic acid) compared to less-quality meat sources.

  1. Eggs

An overlooked protein source that’s great for muscle mass are eggs due to their macronutrient profile. They’re a relatively cheap protein which can be cooked in numerous ways – from omelettes or scrambled, to including raw eggs in shakes. For a quick on the go snack, consider hard-boiling up a batch so you have a healthy way to refuel to reach for before you hit the gym.

  1. Fish

While not everyone’s first choice, fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines, are a good protein and fat option for those wanting bigger biceps. By consuming at least two portions a week you will reap their numerous benefits, which includes omega 3’s, selenium, B vitamins, and potassium.

  1. Leafy Greens

To get the most out of your mealtimes, make sure there’s a high heaping of leafy greens to choose from as well. No longer considered just rabbit food, leafy greens will keep your body running smoothly with their fibre, vitamins, and nutrients. Spinach, kale, arugula, lettuce, and sorrel are all good choices. If you need a dressing, then pick a heart-healthy olive oil, avocado oil, or balsamic vinegar and enjoy your leafy salad while you indulge in a bit of AFL sports betting.

  1. Good Fats

Your body needs healthy fats to run well while on a ketogenic diet. If you’re working out more, you’ll need to make sure you up the fats your body is using. Healthy options include avocado oil, nuts, olives, MCT, and virgin coconut oil. Fat bombs are a great way to incorporate a sweet keto-friendly option, and they can be flavoured differently with cocoa powder, vanilla, and coconut flakes.

These keto food tips should help you on your journey to incorporate keto eating into your bodybuilding and muscle building routines.