When it comes to regular exercise, most will agree that running is one of the best options. It costs nothing, gives a moderate full body workout, and can be easily adjusted to people on all levels of fitness. If you choose to run several miles every second day, or take a leisurely jog around the block, there is no right or wrong way to do it. In other words; running is for everyone.

Using a phone app to enhance your experience is also an excellent idea. The right app can not only keep track of your progress, but also help motivate, suggests routes, and even put you in touch with other runners in your area. These are some of the best running apps that are available right now.


As far as apps go, the simply named Human is great for beginner runners. It doesn’t offer the advanced specifics and detailed information of some other apps on this list, but does stand apart for taking a strong motivation angle.

It will push subtle suggestions that you meet a daily goal of 30 minutes of exercise a day, and even create local leader boards in your area. This means that you can compete against locals, aiming to be the king/queen of your block. Plus, of course, it will work on just about any phone. So long as your device can access online entertainment like UK Bingo and Keno, it will operate human just fine as well.


Strava is by far one of the most popular apps today. It provides extremely in depth information on your exercise routines, going as far as to break down each session with useful information, indicate where you excelled, and even give awards on your best performances. It is completely free to use, but provides an even deeper level of details if you opt for the paid membership.


Runcoach is for those that take their running seriously. The impressive built in algorithms analyse your routes, inspect your performance, and provide detailed advice on how to push yourself to the limit. You need not look any further if you’re looking for the ultimate training companion, which is especially useful for those that tackle marathons on a regular basis. The app is free, but for a monthly cost you can literally get in contact with real human coaches. Look no further if running is a bit more than just exercise in your books.


Last we have MapMyRun. As the name suggests, this is an app specifically geared towards helping runners find the best routes in their area. As each user logs their activity, it is added to the library, helping everyone find a great route with as little hassle as possible. The app is designed to sync with the majority of wearable modern technology, and as of 2019, has upwards of 70 million logged routes across the globe. Best of all; the app also sync with diet apps, keeping you up to date on how many calories you’ve burned, versus what you’ve recently been eating.