Making the resolution to get fit is one thing, but sticking to it is something else entirely. Staying on the fitness wagon can be tricky, especially if you are new to exercising and don’t as yet have disciplined, healthy habits to see you through.

The truth is however, that you need to keep exercising on an on going basis, and if you want to see results; be it muscle tone or weight loss or both, you need to get off the couch. It takes time and dedication to get somewhere, and if you resort to yo-yo exercising or dieting, the results are not sustainable.

Thus, it is crucial that you stick to your exercise regime, maintain your willpower and strengthen your resolve. No one said getting fit or losing weight was easy, but the physical and mental benefits, not to mention the psychological ones are well worth it.

If you’re looking for a bit if extra motivation or need some encouragement to stick to your regime, try these tips:

Shake things up

If you are bored with the type of exercise you’re doing, the chances are you won’t be highly motivated to keep on going. To avoid finding training tedious, look for ways to change things up.

There are a large number of ways to get fit and many don’t require any equipment, so don’t be scared to swap your usual training for something fresh and new.

Add the fun factor back in

Part of the reason many people quit exercising is because it is no longer fun. What counts as fun for one person may not be fun for someone else.

You may like the Bingo Australia has to offer, or you may prefer the Canadian version- the same with exercising- it’s not a one size fits all solution- , so you need to work out what works for you when you work out, and ensure you keep that feeling going!

If it’s competing, working out with a buddy or joining in group exercise classes, you’ll keep your momentum if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Track your progress

There are a massive number of exercise-related apps available online and many of them are free. You can download one that suits your workout style and track your progress, ad this is a sure-fire way of keeping you motivated.

Being able to see results and to track where you started ad where you are now is a huge confidence boost, and tech makes it that much easier.

Make yourself accountable

Whether its buddying up with a friend to go to gym, or partnering with someone for a daily jog, if you know you’ll let someone else down by not exercising it is easier to hold yourself accountable.

Partner with someone who is also motivated but sometimes needs that extra boost, and you’ll find that you both help each other out when the will to get moving has left the building.

Work out smart

If you’re busy, chances are fitting in exercise into your schedule becomes less of a priority.

If you work smart you can still work out, and even 20 minutes a day of high impact exercise will pay off.