Bad Workout - How to deal with a bad workout

Dealing with a Bad Workout

You just don’t want to be at the gym today doing exercises. Everything feels impossibly heavy, and you are simply going through the motions, gritting your teeth and counting the sets until you have done what you need to do and can leave.

It happens! I’ve had terrible workouts –sometimes once a week, sometimes more than that. Every so often I have to plod my way through a whole run of terrible workouts, feeling like I’m suffering some lower-grade poisoning with every session just dragging through without any real aim or purpose, and the only relief is when it’s over and my conscience lets me hightail it out of there.

Remember that Bad Workouts are to Be Expected

Bad workouts, like awful days at work, terrible ones at home, or a visit to the dentist, are normal occurrences. They are just one part of the game, and will always appear every now and then.

In fact, if you think about it, working out is meant to be hard work –that’s the point! Things that are easy are never with great rewards, and although these are fine and sometimes necessary to do, chances are they are not likely to amount to much.

Just like the big win at the sports betting sites available online –getting good is hard work, but the rewards are worth every moment of it.

Sacrificing Who You are for Who You Want to Be

The act of changing how your body is made up is a lot more intense when you think about it as a lot more than just losing fat or building muscle.

You are sacrificing who you are right now for whom you want to be in the future, and then making use of everything at your disposal in order to do so.

Forging a new self is a process of heat and fire, hammer and anvil, lighting crashing and thunder smashing, not simply changing your clothes, or getting a haircut.

Embrace the Difficult Days as Best You Can

Truth is, sometimes work outs are hellishly hard. Sometimes you have to just do them as best you can, and that is as it should be.

Woe to the man or woman that believes that things that don’t come naturally, or easily, are simply not meant to be done.

We see evidence of this mindset all the time –someone tries something new, flounders, brands themselves abysmal failures and quits.

Understanding that nothing meaningful happens easily or automatically is the first step towards getting through those bad days, and the simple truth is that everything takes a lot more time, effort, and gumption than we believe at the outset.

Lewis Carroll summed it up in Alice in Wonderland: we have to run as fast as we can in order to stay in place, and at least twice as fast if we want to get anywhere.

This is just a matter of fact: if it’s hard, chances are it is worth it. Struggling is the point, and how difficult the struggle is reveals how much your struggle is worth.

Fitness Lifestyle - making fitness enjoyable

Making Fitness Part of an Enjoyable Lifestyle

Whether you are just starting to get fitter or have spent years working hard at the gym, chances are that, at some point, you have come across and despaired at the clichés surrounding fitness lifestyles.

These include things like having to limit your food to only bland, diet-friendly choices, feeling hungry and irritable while you doggedly power away on a boring treadmill every day, and just generally feeling imprisoned by the daily routines you have signed up for in order to start getting healthier.

The good news is that these clichés are not true –in fact, getting stuck into a regimen that you resent is an almost definite way to never integrate the changes you need into your lifestyle.

Patience and Mental Discipline is Important

Fitness is a flawed, long-distance event that will ask you to tap into the reserves of your patience and cultivate huge mental discipline. It is not a short-term, hell-month type of experience, and nobody gets fit in 30 days or three months.

If you are paying for services that promise you these kinds of results, you have been tricked, and need to hightail it back to the world of reality.

The truth is that fitness as part of your lifestyle can be something you truly enjoy that has positive effects on your day-to-day lifestyle, or something you dread and loathe doing.

The path that you end up following is one of your own choosing. This article outlines some ways to make it a good experience, and so ensure that you stay motivated to stick with it over the longer term.

Make Plans to Be Successful

If you are going to be working really hard, make sure you do it right, and are working towards the results you want. Plan on how to do this, and include rewards along the way as you reach your milestones.

Spending some time at one of the online betting NZ sites so widely available could be how you celebrate dropping your first dress-size, for example. These kinds of rewards will ensure you stick with your plan even when the going gets tough, and will help you acknowledge how far you have come.

Have Fun with Your Cardio Workouts

If you are one of the many individuals, myself included, that loathe running, I have excellent news for you! You don’t have to do it!

You shouldn’t be forcing yourself into your jogging pants to meet your cardio requirements. If you don’t enjoy it, find an activity that gets your blood pumping and heart thumping and do that instead.

Fitness - running on a treadmill - healthy Lifestyle

Stop Worrying about Everything

Once you have done the research you need to and selected a fitness programme that you feel is best for your requirements, settle in a little and enjoy the ride.

Put your focus on keeping your mindset clear and your discipline sharp instead of trying to find a way to get quicker results, or worrying about having chosen incorrectly.

Get Ready to Go the Distance

Release dangerous ideas about your self-image and thoughts that pigeon-hole you as an unhealthy or unathletic person.

These kinds of negative proclamations only halt your progress and encourage failure.

Remember that your brain can be either you best ally or worst enemy, and direct your thoughts towards its being the former.

Rugby Training Drills – The Basics

Core Skills and Fitness Rugby Training Drills

Rugby has been likened to a war game, with tactics and game play being backed up by core skills and fitness. To excel at the game, one needs a balance of the two. In this article, we will look at a  few key fitness and core skills exercises which can be conducted both on and off the field. Enter rugby training drills.

Most of them involve the ball, which is a great motivator as many players find ball work much more rewarding than pure fitness training. Please note that these exercises are for a pair of players, not individual work.

Rugby training drills are an important part of improving yourself and your team. Many of the rugby sites online which offer these rugby training drills will also offer some NRL betting tips for those who have a real love of the game, and are eager sports bettors

Truck And Trailer

This exercise improves both cornering and ball passing in tight spaces.

  • Draw a small square on the frilled using tape or chalk, about 5 meters by 5 meters.
  • The “truck”, runs around the square as a balanced but fast pace, while the “trailer” tries to stay as close behind him as possible.
  • While running, small pop passes between the two should occur
  • Keep this going for one minute intervals with 2 minutes rest in between.

Continuous Defending - rugby training drills - fitness collaborative

Relay Races

Much of the game relies on a sudden burst of speed and power in order to score a try, or catch a ball. Although relay races are common enough to be played at most high school athletics meets, they make a great rugby exercise too.

  • Set up two cones about 50 meters apart
  • Each player has to race around the cone carrying the ball and pass it to the other player when they reach the start again.
  • This can be done by more than one team to add to the competitive edge or involve a third person to time you to see if you can improve.

Bending Poles

Bending poles or agility poles are a great way to improve balance as well as speed and agility. Being able to alternate your weight to each foot is imperative to this exercise.

  • Set up a series of poles which are either solid into the ground or in buckets filled with sand, about 2 meters apart.
  • Each player has to run down the line of the poles, weaving in and out as one would do in a slalom ski course.
  • Time the runs to see who is the fastest and whether you improve or not.
  • This can be extended by setting up two courses and carrying the ball throughout the course.

Continuous Defending

This exercise requires three players. In this set of rugby training drills both speed and tactics play a part, increasing the core skills of tackling and dodging. No equipment is needed other than a ball and the three players.

  • Two players have to beat one defender by drawing and passing between themselves,
  • Initially, the defender tackles by using a two handed touch, although this can be extended to proper tackling for more advanced players.
  • As soon as the player’s score, the initial ball carrier becomes the defender, the scorer becomes the initial ball carrier, and the defender becomes the support player.
  • This continues for 30 seconds to a minute, with 2-minute breaks in between.


Are Smart Watches A Help Or A Hindrance To Getting Fit?

Today’s modern lifestyle makes sitting around and not exercising all that much easier. Growing trends towards getting off the couch are sweeping the world, however, along with little gadgets which claim to make your exercise time that much easier and fun.

Smart Watches, Your Fitness Friend On Your Arm

The smart watch is one such gadget. Falling into the smart device family, this little piece of technology is light, easily transported and always available. It can do all sorts of incredible things, such as answer phone calls, display messages, and of course, track your fitness goals and experiences. The Apple watch is one of the most popular smart watches aroudn today, as is Samsung’s competitor to the Apple watch, the Samsung Gear 3.

Motivation By Your Side

No one likes exercising alone, especially if they are just trying to get into it. The smart watch can help here, as it is almost like having an exercise partner with you all the time. You can set your goals on your watch when you are feeling particularly motivated, and your little friend will remind you of them at regular intervals.

Your watch can be used to play music to you while you sweat, or even say little motivational insights to keep you going. One can even access an online sports betting guide, read up on a few stats and take a breather while placing a bet on your favourite team.

It will track your steps, tell you when you have done well, announce how many calories you have burned, and even tell you what to eat post workout.  Stefan Olander, Vice President of Digital Sport at Nike says that sports trackers are extremely motivational and has quoted: “There’s incredible power in knowing how you’re doing”

The Flip Side To “Tracking”

As much as knowing how you are doing is incredibly motivating, the flip side to this is becoming more and more common. Over tracking is becoming an obsession whereby people use their smart watches to track their every movement.

This can cause one to become obsessed with one factor of fitness to the detriment of an overall healthy lifestyle.  Joshua Klapow, PhD is a clinical psychologist from the University of Alabama.

He has studied the effect of smart watches and other fitness tracking devices and warns: “You can get so caught up in tracking that it overtakes you emotionally and psychologically…Over tracking syndrome can be problematic when the behaviour you’re trying to engage in becomes secondary to the numbers.”

The Social Network Aspect

Sharing your progress on your personal fitness journey with your friends can be motivating in itself. As envisioned by technology visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, it’s important that devices help people connect. That’s why many smart watches allow you to automatically update and share any exercise achieved, such as runs or even simple workouts. Sharing anything on the web, even to your close friends, opens you up to judgment.

Let’s face it, most people judge others even if they don’t realise it. When you are doing well, and sharing your progress the positive comments can help to spur you on to even greater heights and achievements. There is nothing like feedback from real people to motivate you into reaching your goal.

smart watches - activity tracker - keeping fit with a smart watch

Unfortunately, like everything else in the world, this has a flip side too. Regular updates may peter out if you lose motivation, which may have a spiral effect on your psyche.

Knowing that your updates are fewer and further between may make you feel like a failure, thus perpetuating the cycle of being demotivated even more.

So, What’s The Verdict on Smart Watches?

In summary we can be safe to say that a smart watch can be both a help and a hindrance, depending totally on how you use it and let it affect you.

Woman planking at home in order to stay fit and healthy

Bringing You 3 Tips for Staying Fit When at Home

It’s important that we’re always working on staying fit, regardless of our circumstances are. No matter what kind of exercise it is that you most enjoy, the possibilities that you can do so without leaving your house are big.

You do not need to visit gyms in order to stay trim, and not only are you far more likely to do what you need to if you don’t need to commute, the money you save can be spend on rewarding yourself for sticking to your schedule!

Resetting Your Overall Attitude is Vital

When it comes to staying fit, your first task will be resetting your mind, and taking the focus back to your daily life, instead of having exercise immediately associated with having to go to a gym, or, at the very least, having to shell out money in order to get costly equipment installed in your home.

A great way to start making staying healthy a part of each moment of our day-to-day lives is to rethink the ways we eat. Simply not purchasing foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients can go a long way towards motivating you to stay in shape and away from the carbs and calories you are trying your best to avoid.

dumbbells at home workout to maintain and improve fitness for staying fit

Remember to Reward Yourself is Key to Staying Fit

When you have set your schedule for exercising at home, whether it is an hour of yoga 3 times a week, a run before work in the morning, or a 30-second plank 3 times a day, remember to include milestones in your timetable and properly reward yourself each time you reach one. This is integral to stating fit, as your goals have to be progressive.

These can be made up of a certain amount of time that you stick to your timetable, such as exercising for 5 days straight, or losing a certain amount of weight, but are important, and will help keep you going when the going gets tough.

One very popular way to do this is with a quick real money game visiting the site here – you will not need to break your day up by commuting to a land-based casino in order to play, and can relax and have fun with top titles right from wherever you are, as well as gaining real money rewards on top of the relaxation and enjoyment the games provide with!

Work Activities into Those You Already Enjoy

If you enjoy a particular television series or love reading at home, find a way to combine these pastimes with those that help you lose weight and aid in staying fit.

You could binge-watch your favourite show with the condition that you spend some of that time doing exercises with easily portable equipment like dumbbells, for example, or make it a rule that between each episode you need to hit 100 sit-ups.

Taking your book with you onto the Stairmaster, if you have one, is a great way to keep your mind off of the time you are spending doing something you don’t enjoy, exercising, with something you really do enjoy!

You could even make it a rule that the only time you are allowed to read your favourite novels is when you are in motion, and thus motivate yourself to do more every day.

balanced lifestyle fitness runner on bridge

Tips for Living a Balanced Lifestyle to Imrpove Fitness

For many Australians their busy lifestyle leaves little time for relaxation or exercise and after a while the fast-pace may get a little hard to bear.  Day to day pressures can build, stress and illness become a regular occurrence and a general feeling of being run down can become prevalent if you don’t take the time to relax, unwind, exercise and try and create a balance in your life.

The importance of a balanced lifestyle is often underrated but by maintaining your health, fitness and peace of mind you’ll feel far better and benefit from being energised and in control. It may be a challenge to create  a balance but managing your daily activities and making time for exercise and recreation will lead to a better quality of life overall.

These tips for living a balanced lifestyle will assist you emotionally, physically and mentally and are designed to set you on the path to happiness, fitness and fulfilling your full potential.

Exercise Regularly

Being unfit can have a number of negative effects on your body and not only does exercise improve your physical health, it’s also mentally very good for you. Taking the time to visit a gym, go for regular walks, swim or enjoy a yoga class will have short term and long term benefits and will leave you looking and feeling great. By setting aside time for exercise you’ll build up you fitness and avoid burnout. Australia has a number of excellent gyms and plenty of beautiful scenery, so you can choose to enjoy the great outdoors or work out under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Make Time for Fun

This may sound a little unspontaneous but setting aside time for recreational activities is essential to your well-being. The benefits of relaxing and having fun are numerous and one of the preferred recreational activities for many busy adults is online gambling. With the abundance of online casino Australia sites that cater to enthusiastic players it’s even easier to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, as these casinos allow you to enjoy all your favourite games whenever you desire. Ideal for keeping you amused and entertained, this is just one of the many activities that can be enjoyed and add value to your down time.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Staying fit, exercising regularly and enjoying recreational activities are a great start but it’s also important that you eat healthily and follow a diet that’s packed full of nutrients and vitamins. If you are working out regularly you’ll also need to ensure that your body is getting enough fuel and that you are following an eating plan that’s healthy and wholesome. Eating well will give you more energy and ensure that you can tackle whatever life throws at you head on.

Adjust your Mind-set

If you get stressed out easily, find it hard to motivate yourself when you feel overwhelmed or never seem to have time for yourself, you need to adjust your mind set and create an efficient schedule that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Recharging your batteries, getting enough exercise and coping with whatever life throws at you without incurring too much stress are all part of managing your mind set in a positive manner.

A well balanced life style will ensure you enjoy every minute to the full and whether you want to play online casino games, hit the gym or go for a walk, creating equilibrium is essential. AusVegas Casino Online Australia’s #1 Online Casino Guide 2015™ The #1 safe,secure & Trustworthy Online Casino Guide for Australian Punters. Rates & reviews the  best Australia online casino sites of 2015

Betting on the Golf Majors

Betting on the Golf Majors at Online Bookmakers

The best players from each of the various golf tours battle it out in the four Majors held each year:

  1. The Masters
  2. The US Open
  3. The Open
  4. The USPGA Championship

These events are without a doubt the most popular tournaments for punters to lay their wagers on, and the amounts of money which exchange hands during these is astronomical.

Details on the Four Golf Major Tournaments

The Masters takes place on the Augusta National Golf Club course, arguably one of the most famous in the world. This tournament provides punters with an incredible opportunity to make money thanks to the huge amount of historical course information available about it, and predictions are far more easily made during this tournament as a result.

The US Open historically stands as the Major Tournament with the toughest scoring. The courses tend to be set up so as to ensure players will struggle to make a birdie, and that par is not just an average score, but also treated as a good one to pencil in on players’ scorecards. Many of the US Open courses are cosseted by thick, dense rough, and this means that golfers who fail to hit the fairways and greens face harsh consequences for their play.

The Open Championship, or British Open as America tends to refer to it, is the oldest of all four Majors, established in 1860. It is always played on traditional British links courses, and winning this tournament is the goal of golf players the world over. The conditions and scoring for play always depend on the strength of the coastal winds over the four days on which the course is used, and players are pushed to the limit as they try to take first place.

The fourth, and final, Major Tournament each year is the USPGA. It has become known for low-scoring, and presents an incredible challenge to players lucky enough to take part.

Finding a Good Online Golf Bookmaker

Punters who aim to make it big with online golf betting in NZ or Aus would do well to take in the advice of not just their fellow bettors, but the increasing amount of comparison sites that make it their business to review and double-check online bookmakers’ claims as well. The experts in the employ of these sites do a vast amount of research and investigation, and punters who stick to laying wagers only at the bookmakers these sites recommend can enjoy total safety whenever they wish to get in on a game.

State-of-the-art 128-bit SSL, or secure socket layer, software allows online bookmakers to offer their punters total protection when they open an account. This software is the same type in use at the majority of online banking institutions, and, as long as bettors make sure their bookmaker has passed the tests comparison sites put them to, they need never worry that there is any danger of their financial or personal information being compromised as a result of improper procedures being followed.

How Tech has improved Sports betting in Australia – DONE

The New Shape of Tech in Australia

Australians are known for being some of the most active and passionate sports fans in the world, from cricket to rugby to hockey and horseracing. They are also renowned for their passion for gambling and are home to one of the biggest sports betting industries worldwide. Perhaps this pervasive interest in different sports is why Australian people themselves are known to be one of the most active and sporty nation in the western world. With the advent of modern technology, however, much has changed the participation and consummation of sports in Australia. Today technology shapes the way Aussies approach health and fitness in a variety of small ways. In fact, technological developments in the form of computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones provide Aussies with access to blogs, websites and calorie calculators that guide their fitness experience every single day.

These blogs, websites and apps offer various helpful ways to keep on top of your nutrition in the form of recipes, explanations of how your body breaks down and processes food, as well as providing helpful hints on how to burn stubborn fat. Some blogs offer before and after stories of Australians who have transformed their lives through a commitment to health and fitness, as well as inspirational pictures and mottos. The more recent apps, available on mobile phones and tablets such as the iPad, provide users with a network of fellow exercisers and fitness junkies which offers a support system and continuous guidance anyone trying to stay motivated and moving.

For many, technology means simply sitting behind a computer or texting on a cell phone or watching television, but more recent technological developments such as with mobile phones and tablets means that users can carry their devices with them wherever they go – while walking to work you could be monitoring your heart-beat and calories burned, you could use your tablet device to practice yoga in your very own home, and you can use your mobile browser to keep track of the latest scores results and rankings in your favourite sports!

Benefits of Sports Betting Online

The demanding nature of modern life has the unfortunate consequence that Australians are having to work longer hours, spending more hours behind the computer or in meetings, commuting back and forth constantly, all of which means that few people have time to enjoy hobbies to their fullest or learn new skills. Sports betting online means that you can place bets and keep tabs on the latest developments in the world of sports, winning big wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

Technology has both complicated and simplified our lives by providing us with far more work as well as an outlet and opportunities for excitement. Now we can say that it has also ensured a little more entertainment in our lives in the form of betting sites for passionate punters, as well as interactive community groups to enjoy different forms of health and fitness together.

Whether you like exercising alone, in groups, outside, at the gym or at home – or whether you prefer betting on sports from the sidelines, the latest tech developments allows you that opportunity! Aussies are known to be sporty people and with tech they can enjoy it so much more, whether it be getting fit or placing bets whenever and wherever desired.

Fitness & Technology – DONE

Exciting Developments in fitness apps

Technology to a very large extent guides our days from beginning to end. From waking you up with an alarm first thing in the morning, to reminding you of the birthdays and meetings you need to remember for the day, to enabling you to transfer money and order dinner to be delivered. Our tech devices, in the form of computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, influence how we consume media, education, politics, and how we relate to others in the world. Health and fitness is no exception.

Numerous blogs, websites and apps have been created to form a community of passionate health and fitness fanatics, sharing healthy recipes, tips and exercise tutorials. For many Australians life is simply too busy and stressful to allow them much time to exercise, plan meals or even socialise with friends. This is why group platforms like tablet apps provide people with the means to do yoga at home, run with a professional trainer in the form of a podcast, or learn new smoothie recipes from top athletes, wherever they find themselves with as much time as they can spare.

Tech Takes the Pressure Off

You no longer have to feel stressed out or pressurised into going to the gym or playing a team sport to get fit, because you have all the tutorials and how-to guides you need to make your home into a personal work out zone. You are not confined by time or place, meaning that you are able to take full control over your schedule and activities.

However, tech developments don’t only enable you to work out and get fit – they also allow you time to play. Whether you enjoy getting fit, or simply love watching others excel at the sports they play, sports betting has long been a favourite way to amplify excitement and make you feel like you are in the game! Whether your game of choice is rugby, cricket, soccer or any other international sport, you are sure to find the perfect platform for you!

There is a large variety of sports betting sites and apps available today, all with different options and bonus offers. It can often be confusing to decide which site would be best for you and your skill level, in order for you to make an informed decision and find the best bet for your buck. Look out for sites that offer Sports Betting Online Reviews to give you a comprehensive look into which options are best for you. You don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice in which bets to pursue, because you are provided with expert insight into the ins and outs of various sports bets.

Something for Everyone

Australians are known for being active sports fans, as well as active tech users which is why the current tech options for betting,  and health and fitness of all kinds has been so popular with Aussies looking to organise their lives and cut down on wasted time and money. Try it today to see why so many people are winning big and getting fit with ease.

Using Internet Technology Every Day

Using Internet Technology Every Day 

As overall internet and mobile technology improves each year, new developments are constantly impacting the lives of ordinary Australians. From the way you do your shopping, to how you communicate with friends and family, the work you do, the way in which you make your travel plans, your approach to fitness and health and entertainment pastimes like online gambling, the internet is changing the way we go about our lives every day. Harnessed properly, the opportunities the World Wide Web bestows on the average Australian can go a long way towards leading a healthier, more successful and financially rewarding life, and we can control our own fates far more easily than has been the case up to now.

You no longer need to purchase an expensive gym contract you’re going to steadily ignore the existence of in an effort to take charge of your health and fitness anymore, and can relatively easily find information on your own fitness level, suggested workout routines and dietary requirements for your well being with a quick online search. Download and make use of programmes that supply virtual personal trainers and make sure you stay motivated by rewarding yourself when you reach each one of your new fitness, health and weight objectives and you are that much more likely to stay on the treadmill. The best part is that you can do all of this without ever having to step away from your desktop computer, or putting your smartphone, laptop or tablet device down!

Online bingo is just one of the many favourite gambling pastimes Australians enjoy, and there are a host of excellent mobile and online casinos by means of which they can take part in a real money game at any time of day or night. With wonderful incentives like bonuses, special offers and an array of changing promotions offered to new and returning players, you can sometimes earn free money simply for logging into your online account and playing the games you were going to anyway, reaping some rather extraordinary financial rewards for just having fun!

The most popular casino websites cater particularly for Australian gamblers, and you will not need to keep your eye on fluctuating exchange rates in order to keep track of your wins. Native payment solutions like NeTeller and POLi are also provided, and Australian banking institutions are given particular preference. You can enjoy a game or two of fast paced pokies while you hit the treadmill, or substitute a piece of cake for a chat game with fellow online gambling fans around the country. The sense of community is by no means diminished simply because you are enjoying the game electronically rather than in a real life situation, and you can have fun and win money at any time of day or night.

Combine your health goals with potentially very profitable entertainment online, and harness the power of the internet to improve your everyday life right now. You can slim down, make new friends, and play all the bingo games you like without having to deal with arduous commutes at the end of a long day.

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