Football, also widely known as soccer in many regions, is one of the most-played sports in the world. For anyone that follows professional football, they will be well aware of just how fit the athletes must be, and indeed they spend a large portion of their time training in order to remain at their physical peak.

Football itself, even without many hours of training, is a game that can make just about anyone fit. The constant running mixed with the random need to sprint can make football a great sport to get into shape. Here we will look at some of the most common health benefits that a casual football player can expect from playing their favourite game.

Lowers Overall Body Fat

People around the world are getting more and more overweight by the year. Part of this is due to the sedentary lifestyles that many people live, and another part is the easy access to junk food that so many enjoy. But having even a little bit of extra bodyweight is not a good thing, and the more weight that a person puts on, the greater the health risks that they might experience later on in life.

Thanks to the nature of football, where the players are almost always on the move, means that it’s a good way of not just lowering excess body fat, but also for keeping it off. This is not a cure-all, however, and exercise should always be paired with a healthy diet.

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

Another health benefit that a football player can enjoy is lower levels of depression, along with an easier time managing anxiety. This is because the brain floods the body with feel-good hormones when a person indulges in exercise, and these hormones can help cut down the feelings of depression that so many feel in today’s world, which can be further improved by engaging in a hobby or a pastime, such as the games offered on Combine that with being outdoors in the sun and getting plenty of Vitamin D, and football can sometimes be even as effective as prescription drugs.

Lung Health And Capacity

The more oxygen that we can get into our systems, the better our bodies will perform, and this is closely tied with both the capacity of our lungs and how healthy they are. The best way to increase lung capacity is through lots of exercise, and because the average player runs almost two and a half kilometres for every game, and sometimes even more, they can expect to get more exercise than they need to start getting their lung capacity to increase over time.

Improved Heart Health

The human heart beats from the moment a person is born to the moment they die, meaning that keeping it in good health can often mean living a long and fruitful life. Cardiovascular health has become more important than ever as heart-related diseases continue to ride, and thanks to activities like football, it’s now possible to enjoy both good heart health while enjoying spending a few hours with friends outdoors.