The heart is one of the major organs of the body, and by far the one that works the hardest throughout our lives. On average, the heart will pump around a billion times over the course of a lifetime, and if it slips up even once, it can have catastrophic effects that can even result in death. – Looking after this vital organ is important to ensuring a long and healthy life, as well as avoiding any emergency trips to the hospital. These are the best exercises for a healthier heart.

Resistance Training

Also known as strength or weight training, this involves the kind of working out that one would most likely encounter while going to the local gym. It has a very specific effect on the composition of the body, especially when it comes to decreasing the amount of body fat that a person carries around. Body fat, and specifically the fat that builds up around the belly, is directly linked to heart disease, which has become the world’s number one killer in the last few years.

Resistance training is fantastic for reducing overall body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Combining this with aerobic exercise has a net positive result on the body, helping to increase HDL cholesterol while decreasing the LDL variety, offering better heart health. In terms of regularity, most doctors agree that at least two days of resistance training is sufficient for better health.

Aerobic Exercising

With aerobic exercises, we can enjoy multi-faced benefits that focus on a few key areas of the body, and not just the heart. For example, those that engage in aerobic exercise regularly can expect improved circulation, which then decreases blood pressure as well as heart rate. Along with this, aerobic exercising can also improve how well the heart pumps, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, or help to manage diabetes for those that have already developed it.

This is also one of the easiest types of exercising to get in to, where it requires only putting on some running shoes and going for a short jog every day, although there are many different types. Sports can also fulfil the aerobic exercise quota, so finding a more intense sport can offer some great benefits, and it also means being able to be a part of games you will love on sites like

Flexibility Workouts

Making use of flexibility workouts, which include stretching, do not directly impact the heart of the health, but they can instead help the body with other forms of training mentioned here. Regular stretching helps improve musculoskeletal health, which means reduced joint pain and other muscle-related issues that might otherwise impede the frequency in which we exercise every week. Being as flexible as possible makes a big difference in how efficiently we are able to carry out both resistance and aerobic training, so it’s something that everyone should consider getting involved in, and can be done.

With a combination of three different forms of training and a healthy diet, we can expect to see major improvements to the health of our heart.