Should you always back your own team is a question that is often asked in the sporting fraternity along with why one should back them. Backing your own team has its positives and negatives.

You will hear many punters in Australia say that you should never bet on your own teams, the reason for this is that the punters get emotionally invested and it becomes tough to place a bet. There are many pros and cons to consider when choosing to back your own team and deciding to place a wager on them.

The Pros

The punter in Australia will know their own team better than any other team in the leagues, whether it be rugby, soccer or even cricket. The more you know about a team, the better your chances will be to make the correct decision on who to bet on.

This also makes researching more interesting as it involves your own team and who they will be up against on the seasonal schedules. Having the home team knowledge creates a great advantage as many of the punters will know what injuries the players have and what current form they might be in.

Knowing some of the smallest changes to a team can certainly give the punter a slight advantage, this especially counts when it’s a team in the smaller leagues in Australia, and the information takes longer to hit the press than the bigger leagues.

Knowing the coaches and their strategies is also a great advantage to the punter, as their patterns might become slightly more predictable during the season or even against usual opponents. All this information makes it easier for the punter to place a bet with a number of Australian betting sites with more confidence on their own team.

The Cons

Punters who root for their own team and get too emotionally invested should probably avoid betting on them. Without question, it is never as much fun putting yourself in a situation where you have to cheer against your own team. If you are not objective when betting on your own team, you could make some bad bankroll decisions by bringing in emotions such as betting bigger on your own team, or even doubling up for the next match as you think you know they will do better.

Knowing one team better than the other can also count against the punter as not enough homework might be done on the other teams of opposition. Without that equality the punter can make some bad decisions and really hurt their bank roll. There are so many new players and strategies in any particular sport in Australia that only knowing one team could be truly damaging to the punters pocket.


If the Australian punter is able to separate the emotional from the betting side of the sport, then it is advisable to go ahead and back your team. as the knowledge and history which you have gathered on your team will usually make it easier for the punter to make a well informed decision. However, it is vitally important to also do the required homework on opposing teams as only knowing your team will not be beneficial.

Should the punter be too emotionally involved and not be able to separate pride over cleverness it is highly advisable to rather not back your own team as it could be detrimental, but instead place wagers on other sports teams in which they can stay neutral.