In the rushed and hectic modern world it can be hard to find the time or motivation to head to the gym for a good hour of exercise. But you still feel guilty when you do not spend the time doing your “required” daily exercise.

So here we show you a workout that you can do in seven minutes, to either start yourself on the journey to fitness or to keep you somewhat fit when you are unable to make it to your usual exercise class/gym.

So follow our seven minute plan, and save yourself some time in your day to enjoy life a bit more, go watch a movie or find some real money pokies to play at

The Routine:

To start this regime, do the below exercises for 30 seconds, with a 10 second break to rest between each exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Ensure you raise your arms above your head while you move your feet outwards. Try maintaining a good posture and rhythm when doing Jumping Jacks.

Wall sit

With your back flat against a wall, place your feet shoulder width apart and about 2 foot from the wall.

Slide down the wall until you are in a seated position and hold

Push up

You can start your push ups on your knees instead of your toes, and work up your strength until you can use your toes effectively.

Also count the amounts of push ups you can do and strive to beat that figure in each slot.

Abdominal crunch

Always remember with crunches and sit-ups to not use your neck to yank yourself up, focus on your core to do the lifting.

Raising your head and shoulders off the floor slowly and steadily, using those core muscles to lift.

Chair Step up

Ensure your chair is a manageable height and step up using one foot and down using the other, change which foot you step up with each time.


Squatting is great for abs and butts make sure to hold with your core and keep your back as straight as possible when lowering your butt.

Triceps dip on chair

Facing away from your chair, place you hands behind you on the chair and your feet straight ahead of you. Dip down on your chair, feeling the burn on the back of your arms.


Plank on your toes and elbows, ensuring your back is as straight as possible and you use your core to stabilise yourself.

Run in place

Knees to chest! Keep up the speed and focus on breathing


With your back straight and your core engaged, lunge forward and dip you back knee to the floor – swap sides

Push up and rotate

You can also start this position on your knees, when you reach the top of your push up lift one hand straight over and behind you towards the opposite side, stretching out.

On your next push up use the opposite arm to stretch back.

Side planks

Position yourself on your elbow and side of your foot/ankle, remain straight and do not arch your hips up forming a bow.

Use that core to stay n position, swaps sides either half way or if you repeat the circuit change sides.

You can start this routine with a set that will last 7 minutes, and then repeat the circuit, working your way up to three times, increasing your fitness levels as you go.