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All About the ASB Classic Tennis Championship

Tennis is one of the world’s most popular games and when played professionally there are numerous exciting tournaments that see millions of spectators watching the players on court. But tennis can be played by anyone just for fun, with only one other player, on club tennis courts, or on a make shift court at home. Anyone who can hold a racket can play tennis. There are even tennis tournaments for people in wheelchairs! One of the biggest tennis tournaments in New Zealand that attracts some of the world’s biggest pros is the ASB Classic and this event is a highlight on the sporting calendar.

The first staging of the ASB Classic tennis championship was held in 1985, and is now recognized as the current pre Australian Open tournament of the year, and takes place in early January. The Australian Open is the first of the big four Grand Slams, which constitutes the major tennis tournaments of each year.

Sponsorship by the ASB Bank

The ASB Classic Tennis tournament is the Auckland Open, sponsored by the ASB Bank of New Zealand, owned by the Commonwealth Bank. This tournament is a joint ATP World Tour and WTA Tour tennis event, played on hard outdoor courts. The 2016 ASB Classic tennis event was the 31st edition of the Women’s event, and the 40th edition of the men’s event. The winner of the men’s event was Roberto Bautista Agut, who won when his opponent in the final withdrew as a result of illness. The temperature on court was 38 degrees, and after the traditional Maori welcome, Jack Sock decided that he should heed his doctor’s advice and withdraw. The women’s champion was Sloane Stephens of the USA, also not the first seed.

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The ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland was built in the early 1920s, in Stanley Street, when it was little more than a piece of waste ground. For thirty years it was then the home to hard fought local tennis matches in Auckland, but in 1956 the first permanent international tournament, the Auckland Championship. Between 1979 and 1989 it was a tournament of the Grand Prix tennis Circuit.

Betting on Tennis Offers a Variety of Wagers

Betting on any tennis match, including the ASB Classic tennis tournament, can offer several types of bets. When getting involved in online sports betting, the basic wager placed is of course the winner or loser of any specific match, but big payout can be won for predicting the scores of each set, or which player will hit the most double faults, or whose balls will land out of court the most number of times.

Tennis is believed to have begun in France in the twelfth century, where a game called Tenez was played with players hitting the ball with the palms of their hands. There are also several references to King Henry VIII of England being very fond of playing this game in his youth. Tennis has certainly come a long way since then, in fact, at the present count there are over seventeen million tennis players in the USA alone!

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Golf Bets Are an Integral Part of The Game

Golf has been one of the world’s premier sports for many years. It is thought to date back to Scotland centuries ago, and perhaps forms of golf were played by people even earlier than that. What is certain is that today golf is played by millions of people, and the four big golf tournaments that take place every year are some of the biggest sporting events globally.

Betting on the outcome of golf competitions has also been around for many years. In fact, golf bets were probably placed as soon as the sport was born. Many people love to bet on the outcome of sporting events, and it adds to the excitement of watching the game if you have a little financial interest in the result.

Reliable Online Betting Sites in New Zealand

Golf bets can be placed at all top class online betting sites, and New Zealand punters can be assured that there are many to choose from. New Zealand gambling laws also allow punters to place golf bets with overseas betting sites.

Gambling laws in New Zealand are strictly upheld, and the top quality online sites give completely safe and secure service. Your familiar and trusted banking options will be provided for deposits and withdrawals, like the major brands of credit or debit cards, or the e-wallet alternatives.

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There will be a range of bonuses and promotions offered that are definitely worth looking into. You will also find reliable customer support by dedicated staff to help with any problems that may arise.

There is a range of golf bets that can be placed, and it is best to do a little research first, so you can analyse the advantages of each bet. It is also good to know some of the rules of the game, and the current form of some of the leading participants in each tournament. Golf bets may relay on luck a little more than bets on any other sport, as so often there is an unexpected and overlooked player who puts on an extraordinary display of skill to win the competition.

Different Types of Golf Bets

The first, and simplest of the golf bets, is of course the standard tournament winner. Punters place their golf bets on the player they feel most likely to win that particular tournament.  Odds on this bet depend on timing, with the earlier bets offering better odds that the later bet, which will be more certain of a winner.

The more popular of the golf bets is the head to head bet, where two competitors are selected from the entrants, and bet on which of the two will have the better score at the end of the competition. The odds on these bets will also vary, and there may be an easy small win or a more risky but larger win.

The reliable sports books that New Zealanders will find online will also give you more information on the golf bets available, and the difference in odds on each bet. There is also a wealth of tips and data on each of the golfers due to play in each tournament, so it will be easier to make an informed choice of golf bets.

So once you have decided on the online betting nz site you want to use, and have decided on the golfers you think likely to win, there is nothing to stop you placing your golf bets and sitting back to enjoy the entertainment.

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Tips for Simplifying Sports Betting Online – DONE

Truth is that very few people find time to exercise at the gym, plan out meals a week in advance or even pursue a hobby or interest, such as betting odds and sports betting.

Technological developments in the form of laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices have served to simplify and streamline the busy lifestyle of the modern man and woman. However, in order to make full use of this helpline offered to us by the tech devices in our lives, we need to understand how to best use technology to our own benefit.

One of the ways we can use our tech devices to simplify our stressful lives and help us pursue healthier and more relaxed lifestyles, is through making use of online fitness and health communities. Numerous blogs, websites, apps and calorie calculators are developed every single day to help inform Australians on the best decisions to make for healthy minds and bodies.

Users are provided with access to recipes, lists of suggested Australian health shops, supplement guidelines, BMI indicators, exercise tutorials as well as chat rooms to enable users to form communities of people to support them.

Sportsbetting Australian Site

This means that you do not have to waste time and money in acquiring a gym contract, because you are able to take an online yoga or Pilate’s class from home, or find out the best foods to eliminate from your diet in order to shake off that extra kilo before the upcoming summer.

Technology gives you the freedom to choose what you want, what you want out of it and how you will go about achieving your goals – with no interruption or extra costs. Some websites even allow users to download free training and running podcasts. In other words, you have a personal trainer with you – wherever you go!

Pursue Your Sports Hobby today

The convenience and comfort which accompanies your health and fitness through the help of websites and apps can also be extended to how you experience your hobbies and fee time. For example, sports betting online sites provide you with the best possible opportunities to have fun and win big with absolutely no demands on your time or finances.

Whether you are betting on greyhound racing, horse racing, or AFL Premiership Betting, you are able to control your own sports betting experience by choosing for how long you want to play, how much you would like to bet and which online bookies to invest in.

Whether your sport of choice is rugby, cricket, soccer, horse racing, swimming or any other fun and active recreation, or whether you are simply looking for inspiration to start that new diet – technological developments in the form of cell phones and tablets in particular provide you with the freedom and convenience to live life at your own pace.

You do not have to rush anywhere, stress about whom to take with you to the gym or to the nearest bookmaker, because you have everything you need to be healthy and win big in your pocket or briefcase at all times, ready for your instruction.

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The Internet Makes Betting Easy

The internet is your friend, and not just because you can now look up any information you require in a matter of seconds, or keep tabs on exactly what your ex is getting up to by means of his or her various social networking sites. It’s a wonderful help for your weight loss ambitions as well, and can have a slimmer, sexier you making your debut before you can say skinny latte and order that salad dressing on the side.

You can find everything you need online to begin your weight loss journey, with information available ranging from diet tips and exercise programmes, to meal substitutions and the best workouts for your body type and weight loss goals. Start the process with an online fitness assessment to find out exactly where you’re at, and customise your workout to ensure you are targeting your problem areas and making your way towards a better you in the healthiest way possible!

Studies have shown that people who keep track of what they eat by means of food journals, are aware of the progress they’ve made by means of the graphs that some websites make available, and interact with other individuals on the same weight loss journey for information and motivation are more likely to stick with it, and many of these support systems are offered completely free of charge.

Staying Motivated

Of course dietary restrictions are a drag, especially at first, before you’ve started seeing any real results from the celery sticks you’re substituting for your morning muffin and litres and litres of water you’re so obediently consuming each day. You will need to get a reward system in place that does acknowledge all your hard work, and helps you stay focused on your weight loss goals when you’re forced to miss a night out with your mates in order to get to your Pilates, yoga, or spinning class instead. A good way to do this is to allow yourself to indulge in online betting whenever a new milestone is reached, with a wager on the Wallabies taking the next trophy, or Danny Vukovic managing to steer Melbourne Victory to the win being wonderful options for incentivising yourself to stay on the right track going forward.

Your weight loss journey is no doubt going to extend over a period of months rather than days or weeks, and the best way to stay in touch with your goals and fitness ambitions is to make sure you are properly rewarded for all your hard work and sacrifice. You will be able to lay a wager on the horse races, enjoy a trip to the virtual greyhound track, and even take part in online election betting if that’s more your thing, all by means of your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, and can take advantage of a wonderful array of bonuses, special offers and changing promotions as well. Australian online casinos and bookmakers go the extra mile to make sure their players are kept satisfied, and you will be able to pick and choose your online activity whenever a new weight loss milestone has been reached!