Betting on the Golf Majors at Online Bookmakers

The best players from each of the various golf tours battle it out in the four Majors held each year:

  1. The Masters
  2. The US Open
  3. The Open
  4. The USPGA Championship

These events are without a doubt the most popular tournaments for punters to lay their wagers on, and the amounts of money which exchange hands during these is astronomical.

Details on the Four Golf Major Tournaments

The Masters takes place on the Augusta National Golf Club course, arguably one of the most famous in the world. This tournament provides punters with an incredible opportunity to make money thanks to the huge amount of historical course information available about it, and predictions are far more easily made during this tournament as a result.

The US Open historically stands as the Major Tournament with the toughest scoring. The courses tend to be set up so as to ensure players will struggle to make a birdie, and that par is not just an average score, but also treated as a good one to pencil in on players’ scorecards. Many of the US Open courses are cosseted by thick, dense rough, and this means that golfers who fail to hit the fairways and greens face harsh consequences for their play.

The Open Championship, or British Open as America tends to refer to it, is the oldest of all four Majors, established in 1860. It is always played on traditional British links courses, and winning this tournament is the goal of golf players the world over. The conditions and scoring for play always depend on the strength of the coastal winds over the four days on which the course is used, and players are pushed to the limit as they try to take first place.

The fourth, and final, Major Tournament each year is the USPGA. It has become known for low-scoring, and presents an incredible challenge to players lucky enough to take part.

Finding a Good Online Golf Bookmaker

Punters who aim to make it big with online golf betting in NZ or Aus would do well to take in the advice of not just their fellow bettors, but the increasing amount of comparison sites that make it their business to review and double-check online bookmakers’ claims as well. The experts in the employ of these sites do a vast amount of research and investigation, and punters who stick to laying wagers only at the bookmakers these sites recommend can enjoy total safety whenever they wish to get in on a game.

State-of-the-art 128-bit SSL, or secure socket layer, software allows online bookmakers to offer their punters total protection when they open an account. This software is the same type in use at the majority of online banking institutions, and, as long as bettors make sure their bookmaker has passed the tests comparison sites put them to, they need never worry that there is any danger of their financial or personal information being compromised as a result of improper procedures being followed.