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Staying Fit on the Road If you travel regularly whether for work or pleasure and spend a lot of time on the road, in airports or hotels, staying fit isn’t always easy. This however isn’t an excuse to lead a sedentary life and there are plenty of ways you can work out whilst on the move.

At the Airport

If you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in airports waiting for your next flight you can take advantage of the vast arrival and departure halls and enjoy a brisk walk from terminal to terminal. To add extra weight to your work out you can carry your luggage around and exercise your arms and your legs whilst exploring the length of the airport. You can also take advantage of the time you have to stretch, something that will make the next leg of your journey more comfortable and will give your body a much needed boost.

In the Hotel

If possible always choose a hotel that has a gym or at the very least a decent sized pool. If you are on holiday you may want to skip the heavy work outs, but a pleasant swim every few days will keep you fit and your exercise regime in check. Hotel gyms are often open around the clock and this makes it even easier for you to schedule an hour on the treadmill or circuit at a time that suits you.

In your Room

Although you may want to relax ain your room and spend your free time at the best Australian online casino you can always make gaming time an incentive that can be enjoyed after your workout. Pokies can wait, you need to keep fit and just a few daily luges, burpees, sit ups and stretches will help keep you in shape whilst on the road. You could also pack some lightweight exercise equipment such as resistance bands or a skipping rope to add intensity.

Go Outdoors

Travelling gives you the opportunity to explore new places and to enjoy all the sights and sounds of somewhere new. If you enjoy jogging or a brisk walk it’s a great idea to turn sightseeing into exercise. Rather than taking a bus or taxi to your next destination you could walk and enjoy new experiences all whilst staying fit. There are plenty of apps available that will tell you where best to walk and some cities even offer rental bicycles for those who enjoy getting around using pedal power.

Take a Class

Before you arrive at your destination do some research online and check out the local fitness scene. You may find a yoga or Pilate’s studio on your doorstep or there may be other fitness classes you are keen to try. As you are away from home you may find that trying a new form of exercise is appealing as travelling has put in the mood for something a little different. Trial classes are regularly offered at gyms and fitness centres so check out what’s available in the town you’ll be visiting.

Staying active whilst on the road is simple and with a little bit of thought and creativity, your regime can continue no matter where you are.