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Use Technology to Get Fit Fast

Technology often gets the blame for the more sedentary, lazy lives we are leading but when it comes to getting fit and staying active there are plenty of gadgets to get you moving. An increasing number of Australians are using tech to get them motivated and track their progress as they strive towards a healthy weight or fitness goal. Technology is intended to make your life easier and if it helps you get off the couch and get active its adding even more value to your lifestyle.

Monitor your Heart

A heart rate monitor is an excellent measure of your fitness levels and can show you exactly how hard your body is working. Unlike a calorie counter that works on an average, a heart rate monitor will keep track of the intensity of your work out and you can compare results to determine how you are progressing. By monitoring your heart rate whilst exercising you can accurately focus on improving cardiovascular fitness levels and attain better results in the long run.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is a huge trend at the moment and devices that monitor your movements are incredibly popular. Heart rate monitors, calorie counters, pedometers and blood oxygen levels or skin temperature can all be tracked and in many cases the data will sync with a mobile device to allow you to compare results. Wearable tech that provides feedback on every physical activity and allows you to monitor progress and assess changes in your fitness levels is also a great motivator for anyone who wants to see real results.

Mobile Tech

Your smartphone is the key to connecting you to a fitter lifestyle and a myriad of apps can be downloaded to track your progress. These handheld devices also increase social accountability, especially when published in a forum where other like-minded people are all working towards getting fit. Your mobile also keeps you entertained whilst working out in the gym and online pokies Australia are a favourite pastime of many who want to have fun playing casino games whilst getting fit. By enjoying your favourite pokies whilst running on the treadmill you’ll find that time will pass far faster as you’ll reach the end of your work out without getting bored or demotivated- and you might even hit the jackpot whilst at the gym.

Gaming for Fitness

Virtual fitness games such as dance contests, boxing, tennis and other sporting activities have become all the rage and with Wii Fit and Xbox Fitness to get you up and running you can take advantage of tech and interact with your console in a really healthy way. These “exergames” are a great way to boost your fitness levels whilst having fun and will monitor your movements and track your progress if you partake in them regularly. Making burning calories fun, these games are great for those with busy lifestyles and can be very beneficial for families as they are also a bonding activity.

By using technology to your advantage you can work out and reap the rewards, see the difference and monitor your stats as you progress on your fitness journey. Pokies Games – Best Australian Pokie Games Online The #1 online pokie guide in 2015. Exclusive pokies game bonuses of $2000 FREE at the best Australian online pokies games sites.