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Mobile Tech to Get you Moving

Technology has definitely made us lazier but it’s also been the catalyst that spurs many to get off their butts and do some exercise. Apps designed to sync with your mobile device and tell you how lazy you are and how much more you need to work out are all the rage and are credited with helping many who’ve previously embraced a more sedentary lifestyle to get moving.

Wearable tech that relays information back to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, apps that track your calorie intake, monitor your exercise sessions or serve as personal trainers, as well as social ‘sweatworks’ that share your work out results with the world are all part of getting fit these days.

It seems that technology is finally taking a bit of the blame for making us lazier and instead of sitting back and doing nothing, its being harnessed to have the reverse effect. This tech backlash has changed a generation of couch potatoes into fitness fanatics as it’s made working out trendy again. Getting fit now also allows you to geek out, buy gadgets and use your smartphone in a whole new way.

Activity trackers can turn your smartphone into a pedometer and keep you on your toes, encouraging you to walk just a little further or take a few more steps every day. These apps are incredibly beneficial and as an added advantage you can test out this tracking trend for free by downloading a trial version of an app, or one that’s available at no cost. Just as online slots no deposit games allow you to have fun for free at an Australian casino, the apps that don’t cost a cent can be test driven so that you can determine if they really suit you. No deposit casino games require no commitment, just as free apps don’t come with any obligations, but once you’ve installed them you may find you have an added incentive to start exercising a little bit more.

Fitness apps allow tech geeks to combine their favourite hobbies with getting fit and by tracking and analysing your data everyone can enjoy the benefits that cutting edge technology has to offer whilst working out. These apps have made getting fit fun again and add an extra element to your exercise regime, giving you added incentive and motivation to keep moving.

Your Apple or Android device can also be your personal trainer and there are an abundance of fitness apps available at the Play Store and iStore. In addition to apps that track activity and provide you with feedback on your progress there are also apps that offer full exercise programs and take you through your work out step by step. Intended to make getting fit simple, fun and enjoyable, workout apps have been designed to get every Australian moving and can be tailored according to your fitness level, age, weight and other related needs.

Your mobile device opens the door to so many opportunities and whether it’s playing online casino games, getting fit or working out the calorie count of your next meal, there’s an app for everything.