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Using Your Mobile for Fitness and Health People these days are a lot more invested in keeping fit and healthy, and it is far easier to manage your goals when you take control of your exercise and eating habits by using your mobile device to keep track of them. You don’t have to lug a pen and notebook around with you recording every cappuccino and fast tracked lunch you consume, and can quickly and easily enter the information for safekeeping on a memo or message to yourself, or by means of any of the hundreds of customised applications available for the job.

Remember to go to your doctor for a check up before commencing any home fitness routines, as you may have very unrealistic expectations as to what your current capabilities are. He or she will be able to assist you in creating reasonable goals for your weight loss journey, and may even be able to give you insight on areas you need to pay particular attention to.

Customised Mobile Fitness Applications

Mobile technology is an extraordinary help to people looking to better their health, and there are a number of applications that you have access to, tailored to suit the exact specifications of the mobile device you are making use of. Whether you are a road runner, weight lifter, yoga fundi or Pilates practitioner, an app for your exercise of choice and your mobile device will be easily located by a quick online search.

A great way to reward yourself for every kilogram that disappears and each dress, or pant, size you drop is to open an account at the best mobile casino Australia has to offer for your personal gambling preferences. Whether you are passionate about pokies, baccarat, keno or roulette, you will be able to find something that counts as a reward, and can add a fun, possibly very profitable incentive to your next 5am wakeup call!

You will be able to choose from free training or fitness applications for your mobile device as well as those that cost a little extra, and this kind of variety is just one of the many reasons exercising at home is becoming so popular worldwide. You are not taxed with trying to find the time to get to an out of the way gym, and can tailor your workouts to fit in with the rest of your busy schedule. The key to being able to stick to the new health habit you are trying to implement is to find an exercise that you enjoy doing, and to make sure that your day allows for you to get to it. Your mobile phone contains all the information on work and home commitments anyway, and you will be able to plan your exercise around the other things that have to get done quite easily.

Transform your mobile device into a tiny personal trainer that goes everywhere with you, as well as a portable casino that rewards you for your hard work. Start working your way towards your health and wealth goals today!

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Manage your Time and your Life with your Mobile

The iPhone is much more than just a telephone. It allows you to organise your life, explore hobbies and interests, stay in touch with the world and play great games, all from the palm of your hand. It’s the perfect tool for helping savvy Australians to make the most of modern life.

With so many stimulating activities and opportunities today, the only way to negotiate them and manage your time properly is to decide what your most important priorities are. Once you know this, you can find the tricks and resources that will help you to fit them all into your life. Identify the goals you have for your health and fitness, and your work and personal life. When you know what you want, use your iPhone to help you achieve your aims.

The applications on the iPhone can help you with almost any task you can think of. If you need help managing your money or time, there are clever budgeting and organisational tools for you to download and install. If you need to create polished work presentations or stay on top of your health and fitness routine there are great applications for that too, from tracking the calories you burn to demonstrating new exercises and helping you plan nutritious meals. If you can imagine it, a helpful application has probably already been invented.

You can also find great applications to help you relax and unwind. If you want to learn to draw or learn more about history or art, or want to catch up on your reading, well-designed applications will help you do it. There is also a huge range of games to enjoy, from immersive multi-payer adventures to simple coffee-break entertainments. If you’re a gambling enthusiast you’re in for a real treat; many of the best mobile casinos are optimised for iOS software, and many of the world’s best iPhone casinos are available to Australians. The processing power and great retina displays of these devices reproduce all the casino favourites beautifully, and the sensitive touchscreen will really immerse you in the gorgeous games. The lavish bonuses and rewards will outshine anything to be found offline, and will round off your experiences perfectly.

Aside from all these innovative applications, you can also use your iPhone to do research via its web browser. Look for fitness classes in your area, or look for dedicated websites and chatrooms that will give you lots of helpful advice and connect you with like-minded individuals. You can also do this for anything else you’re interested in, from arts and crafts to popular culture and from ancient history to current events. There’s plenty to be found on how to conquer the more involved games and how to maximise your casino winnings as well.

With the iPhone you can do whatever you need to do, whenever you need to do it. This puts you in charge of your own time, and means you can fit in all the demands of your bust schedule. No moment needs to be wasted – you can do your banking as you wait for your morning coffee, look for recipes as you wait to pick up the kids, or play a few casino games as you cool down from your workout. With the iPhone in your hand the world is your oyster – so enjoy it!

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Working Out at Home

The first thing you will need to do is to assess your current physical shape, where you stand in terms of fitness at the moment. Assuming you have a clean bill of health, and have been cleared for exercise by your doctor, recording your baseline fitness scores is very easy to do.

Check your pulse rate before and after you walk a kilometre, and record how long it takes you to do the walk. Find out how many push ups you can do at one time, how far forward you are able to reach when you sit down with your legs out in front of you, and, finally, make a note of your waist circumference and your body mass index, or BMI. These are the numbers you are going to be trying to best over the upcoming weeks.

Your BMI is a way to measure the amount of fat you are carrying based on your weight and height, and getting it is easy to do. Simply divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters, and check your scores online. Totals will vary, with anything below 18.5 considered underweight, and 30 and above dangerously obese. Ideally you are looking for a number between the range of 18.5 and 24.9, but chances are you are slightly over this, which is why you have decided to start working out in the first place! Don’t let this bother you, instead use it as a motivator to start shaping up. Your numbers will change fairly quickly, depending on how vigilant you are, and you will be able to start seeing heartening results in all areas of your life far sooner than you may have expected.

Fitness Apps for iPad

You need to find an exercise you enjoy doing, to ensure you keep doing it, and are able to explore all of the many options open to you thanks to your iPad device. The large screen and great speakers make for an excellent platform for demonstration videos, and can be wonderful tools to explore more difficult exercise programmes like yoga or Pilates. Find something you like, get video demos on how to proceed, and get started getting fit!

When you have hit your first milestone you can even use your tablet to enjoy a real money game at some of the best iPad casinos available for Australians. Your personal and financial information is kept totally safe and secure, and you can put an extra reward in place for following your dietary and exercise rules in a fun way! Games of pokies, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and even poker can be enjoyed each time you successfully reach a goal, and you can add a little more motivation to your scheme in this manner.

You can find applications that function like your very own personal trainer too, and will be able to master many different types of workouts quickly and easily. These trainer apps can even help you setup your initial fitness assessment, and will help you identify your problem areas at once, as well as find exercises that specifically target the areas you most need help with. Put our iPad to good use today, and remember to reward yourself for staying on track!

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Tech that Gets you Going

It’s universally acknowledged that technology has played a huge part in making us lazier. It is however also becoming increasingly obvious that the same tech that has played a role in allowing for us to enjoy increasingly sedentary lifestyles is now working towards getting us more active.

There is now a huge range of what can only be termed as get-off-your-butt gadgets and wearable tech that syncs with your smartphone or allows you to link to the internet and assess and monitor your results is becoming a huge hit for those who need that little extra incentive to get off the couch. It’s estimated that by 2018 sales of wearable tech that are related to fitness will have reached a whopping $30 billion and that a new generation of fit tech fans will have been established.

State-of-the-Art Activity Trackers

A host of next gen pedometers such as Jawbone, Nike FuelBand and Fitbit all track activity and encourage the wearer to increase their activity levels and spend more time moving. Some of these pedometers even remind you when you’ve been sitting down for what it views as too long, and others will prompt you to take extra steps or work out longer in an effort to beat your personal best. These devices feature motion senses that feed information back to your mobile via Bluetooth and in addition to counting the steps you take can also count calories burned, your heart rate and the amount of sleep you’ve had.

Technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years and wearable fitness gadgets seem to play on people’s competitive spirit or innate need to beat their best. Just as you’d search for the best casino bonuses when signing up at an online casino, you’ll want to add value to your exercise regime and a pedometer or activity tracker allows you do just this. Casino bonuses boost your bankroll and give you a better chance of winning big and a pedometer spurs on your competitive nature and encourages you to strive for improved results and to meet fitness goals.

Beat your PB

In addition to wearable tech serving as your own personal trainer there’s also what’s been dubbed as the “social sweatwork”. This term refers to the sites and apps that share your data with others and display your results for all to see. With the results of your run or workout being posted on social network sites such as Facebook there’s even more incentive to push yourself and this form of sweatworking seems to elicit positive responses as it connects like-minded people who all have similar goals in mind.

Wearable tech has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and many of the devices are so attractive that the wearer keeps them on even when not monitoring their stats. Many wearable tech items that relate to fitness have become status symbols and created a subculture that’s focused on getting fit and staying healthy. Technology has also improved the way many people eat and can be used to form healthy habits as dietary needs can be tracked and suggested foods recommended. By being able to track what you eat you can make use of tech to keep you healthy as well as encourage you to stay active and get some exercise.

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Staying Fit on the Road If you travel regularly whether for work or pleasure and spend a lot of time on the road, in airports or hotels, staying fit isn’t always easy. This however isn’t an excuse to lead a sedentary life and there are plenty of ways you can work out whilst on the move.

At the Airport

If you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in airports waiting for your next flight you can take advantage of the vast arrival and departure halls and enjoy a brisk walk from terminal to terminal. To add extra weight to your work out you can carry your luggage around and exercise your arms and your legs whilst exploring the length of the airport. You can also take advantage of the time you have to stretch, something that will make the next leg of your journey more comfortable and will give your body a much needed boost.

In the Hotel

If possible always choose a hotel that has a gym or at the very least a decent sized pool. If you are on holiday you may want to skip the heavy work outs, but a pleasant swim every few days will keep you fit and your exercise regime in check. Hotel gyms are often open around the clock and this makes it even easier for you to schedule an hour on the treadmill or circuit at a time that suits you.

In your Room

Although you may want to relax ain your room and spend your free time at the best Australian online casino you can always make gaming time an incentive that can be enjoyed after your workout. Pokies can wait, you need to keep fit and just a few daily luges, burpees, sit ups and stretches will help keep you in shape whilst on the road. You could also pack some lightweight exercise equipment such as resistance bands or a skipping rope to add intensity.

Go Outdoors

Travelling gives you the opportunity to explore new places and to enjoy all the sights and sounds of somewhere new. If you enjoy jogging or a brisk walk it’s a great idea to turn sightseeing into exercise. Rather than taking a bus or taxi to your next destination you could walk and enjoy new experiences all whilst staying fit. There are plenty of apps available that will tell you where best to walk and some cities even offer rental bicycles for those who enjoy getting around using pedal power.

Take a Class

Before you arrive at your destination do some research online and check out the local fitness scene. You may find a yoga or Pilate’s studio on your doorstep or there may be other fitness classes you are keen to try. As you are away from home you may find that trying a new form of exercise is appealing as travelling has put in the mood for something a little different. Trial classes are regularly offered at gyms and fitness centres so check out what’s available in the town you’ll be visiting.

Staying active whilst on the road is simple and with a little bit of thought and creativity, your regime can continue no matter where you are.

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Live Life Well with Your Mobile

There are so many things demanding our attention today, and the only way to cope with them all is to prioritise what is important to you. If you know what you want to give energy to, the responsibilities of modern life are matched by the rewards. You can give your all to the various areas of your life, and can expect them to give their all back to you. One of the best tools to help you with this is your mobile handset, especially if you’re lucky enough to own an Android device.

If, for example, you make the wise decision to make your health and fitness a priority, you can use your Android machine to help you in several different ways. First of all, and most simply, you can research exercise and well-being via the web browser. Look for classes or groups in your area, and look for websites and chatrooms that offer helpful advice and connect you with others. If you spend some time finding the ones you enjoy the most, you’ll really reap great benefits. You can also download and install many useful applications to help you with any part of your routine, from planning healthy meals with recipe applications to tracking how many calories you’ve burned in a day. Once you’ve identified your fitness goals, it’s easy to stay on track and realise them with the help of your Android device.

You can do the same thing for whatever else you want to focus on as well. If you need to work on the go, there are lots of applications to help you organise your time, create polished presentations and stay in touch with your colleagues. If you want to research anything, from ancient artworks to breaking news, all you need to do is enter it into your web browser to find a world of information and others who are interested in the same thing. If you need to manage your budget, there are plenty of user-friendly applications to help you do it. Having all of these resources available allows you to do a lot of things in your own time, so you can fit in all your obligations. Balance your budget while you wait for an appointment, or plan dinner as you wait to pick up the kids.

It’s also important to make sure you have enough downtime to recharge and perform at your peak in every area. Your Android device’s fantastic processing units and graphics deliver many immersive games that allow you to do just that. You can play short and simple games when you have five minutes to spare, or longer adventure games when you want to lose yourself completely. If you’re a keen gambler, you’ll enjoy investigating all your options and finding the best Android casino in Australia for you. Every casino game you can think of is beautifully reproduced, and lavish rewards and bonuses make playing really lucrative. There’s no better way to reward yourself after a challenging workout or work presentation than with a few rounds of Poker, Blackjack or whatever casino entertainment you prefer.

Your Android device is powerful enough to help you with any task, from anywhere at any time. Use it well to get the best from life, and to help you give your all. From tracking your fitness to playing progressive pokies, your Android is the ticket to enjoying yourself and making the most out of every day.

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A Mobile Tool for Modern Life

The world of today is a fast-moving place, and we all need to keep up to make the most of it. If you are lucky enough to own an Android device, you’re in a great position to do this. The superb processing power, graphics and touchscreen sensitivity of these machines make them a pleasure to use, and means that they can stand up to software upgrades as they roll out. Your Android device is the perfect tool to help you manage your life.

One of the tricks to enjoying everything that modern Australian society has to offer, and delivering everything you need to in every area, is to manage your time well and make every second count. If you’re able to do whatever you need to at any time, you are empowered to fit in everything that you need to. For example, twenty-four hour gyms and grocery stores allow you to work out or shop when you can. You should also look out for other services in your area, such as dog-walkers, to simplify your life and buy you more time. These are easy to search for on your Android device.

You can also use your machine to connect to other people who share your interests, through websites and chatrooms. Join communities who are interested in working out and keeping fit, and others who focus on anything that takes your fancy. Whether you are interested in ancient pottery or current events, you’ll find many like-minded friends online. Social media sites and email let you keep up with the ones you have, and mean you can stay in touch with your work colleagues at all times. You can do all of this in your own time, so you can do the things you have to do according to a schedule and still manage to do everything else.

Android applications are also great time-savers and resources. You’ll find cleverly designed day planners, budgeting tools and more to help you organise your life. There are many fantastic applications to help you track your workouts and reach your fitness goals, including those that monitor your running time or that demonstrate new exercise techniques for you. Keep your exercise regime interesting by mixing up the types of exercise you do and introducing new moves regularly. There are also many applications that are designed to entertain you whenever you feel like grabbing a bit of leisure time. For example, the Android casino options that are available to Australians are truly superb. You can enjoy all your favourite games, so well-optimised that they will completely immerse you, with bonuses and rewards to rival any land-based establishment. Spend some enjoyable time investigating all your options; via their websites; you’ll soon find the ones you most enjoy playing in and can then download those applications.

Android mobility means you can achieve everything on the go as you move through your busy daily life. Whether replying to an urgent email as you fetch the kids from school, checking the ingredients for a recipe while you are in the grocery store, or enjoying a little gambling as a post-workout treat, these devices really do allow you to have it all. With them you’re in charge of your time and your life, and can really make the most of them.

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Fitness Tips for Beginners

Getting fit isn’t always easy and if you’ve recently started exercising the chances are you’re making some rookie mistakes that are stopping you from achieving optimal results. These fitness tips are perfect for beginners and can even help those who have been exercising for a while maximise the potential of their work out.

Exercise Every Day

Part of getting fit and healthy is creating a routine, so if you are just starting out it’s a great idea to exercise a little every single day. This will set the groundwork for the future and ensure that your lifestyle is adapted to suit your regime. Consistency is important and even if you taper your exercise sessions down a little as you progress, by creating a precedent getting fit will become part of your routine.

Avoid Excuses

If you make an excuse and put off exercising today, you’ll find it even easier to do the same tomorrow. Setting goals or creating a rewards system works well for many people and adds incentive to a work out. You can also combine working out with activities you enjoy and playing online slots or other exciting casino games on your smartphone or tablet whilst hitting the treadmill or stair climber could keep you on track. Australians have a very rich gambling culture and online casino games can be a great way to maintain focus and make passing the time more enjoyable whilst you put your muscles to the test.

Stay Relaxed

If you are stressed out about losing weight or exercising the chances are you won’t be getting the full benefit of your workout. It’s essential that you relax, breathe and don’t waste energy on gripping your bicycles handles or clenching your jaw as you jog. Often, listening to music or adding another element of entertainment to your routine can help you unwind and get the most out of your exercise time.

Breathe Easy

Learning proper breathing techniques that will help you power through your work out is essential. For many, incorrect breathing techniques can lead to an energy slump or reduce the efficiency and impact of an exercise regime and make working out unpleasant and far more taxing than it should be, in all the wrong ways. Easy breathing techniques will teach you how to reach your full potential and to be comfortable and relaxed when hitting the gym.

Avoid Overeating

A common occurrence is for those who’ve just started exercising to suddenly start eating like an Olympian or snacking on energy bars and drinks in an effort to imitate the athlete’s lifestyle. This error can cost you dearly as initially you won’t need additional fuel and you should rather focus on eating healthy food rather than carbo-loading as if you were in training for Iron Man.

Go at your Own Pace

When it comes to exercising pushing yourself is not always a bad thing but if you are experiencing pain in any way or are uncomfortable then it’s advisable that you slow down a bit and settle into a rhythm that suits you. You don’t have to compete with anyone nor do you need to win any races at first and by going at your own pace you’ll avoid injuring yourself or putting yourself off keeping fit in the future as it becomes too exhausting.

Attaining a balance is essential for all beginners and once you have settled into an exercise routine you’ll find it’s so easy to keep fit as its becomes a healthy habit.

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Working Towards an Active Body and Mind

When we talk about fitness we generally think of it in relation to working out and the amount of exercise we are able to do. As important as keeping your body in great physical condition is, it’s also essential that you exercise your mind. Mental stimulation is part of staying fit and there are a number of ways you can exercise your brain to attain a healthy balance. Your brain is the same as the muscles in your body and any type of exercise is beneficial. Whilst physical activity has positive effects on the brain and can influence everything from your mental wellbeing to your ability to retain memory, training your brain to stay sharp is essential.

Brain busting games that stretch your mind and make you really think are a great way to exercise your grey matter. Whether based on maths, logic or intellect, mind games are designed to improve your brains function and to keep you sharp, improve your memory and increase your ability to retain information. For many the internet offers a number of opportunities to give the brain a good work out and with games like online slots Australia players can really get their thinking caps on and try and work out strategies or remember what winning combinations worked for them. Other types of online games that don’t necessarily fall under the banner of casino entertainment include options such as Sudoku and a number of sites dedicated to crosswords, puzzle and problem solving and other brain straining activities are easily accessible.

If numbers are your forte and you want to brush up on your skills then games like blackjack and poker are perfect as you’ll be able to work out strategies based on mathematical principles and your memory will be put to the test. With online casinos being so popular in Australia there are plenty of opportunities for you to have fun and exercise your brain, as well as standing the chance to win big.

Mental exercise is incredibly important, especially as we grow older and our lives become busier and we focus less on looking after ourselves. Brain exercises can increase cognitive function, improve memory and make mental tasks simpler and more satisfying. When engaging in physical exercise you can also put your brain to the test and push your coordination, balance and rhythm to ensure you take full advantage of your workout. Some types of physical exercise are also incredibly mental and require discipline and concentration levels that are higher than average.

Different forms of exercise require varying degrees of brain power and golf, ballroom dancing, gymnastics and archery are all proven to have greater mental demands. These sports combine mental energy and physical skill and stamina and by exercising the brain you’ll find that athletes are able to perform better as they can enjoy increased focus for an extended period of time.

Any form of exercise is good for the body and the brain and engaging in regular activities for both your physical and mental wellbeing is advised. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa, and it’s never too late to start giving your brain a work out.

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Can Exercise Games Really Get you Fit?

If going to the gym isn’t appealing or you just don’t have time to hit the running trails or cycling track then exergames may be the best option for you. Exergames, short for exercise games are a hot new trend that’s taken Australia by storm and allow you to turn your gaming console into a personal trainer or sporting arena. These fitness video games are designed to get you up off the couch and offer a unique blend of technology combined with a work out plan that’s fun and exciting. Whether it’s taking on an opponent in a tennis match, getting into the boxing ring, engaging in a dance-off or working out under the watchful eye of a personal trainer, your console could be the ticket to increased fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

With Wii Fit sales set to reach a record high of $40 billion by the end of 2015 it’s clear that exergames have created a whole new generation of gamer who wants to get fit too. Hot on the heels of the Wii Fi is the Kinect for Xbox that offers a number of exergames and the Sony PlayStationMove. These consoles have kicked up exercising a notch and made getting fit fashionable and easy.

These pulse-pounding video games seem to be designed to get players active and many consoles have based their marketing strategies on this factor. For many in Australia, gaming may refer more to activities such as playing online pokies, a pastime that’s almost considered a national sport, but with the introduction of exergames a vast number of players are swapping online entertainment for that which improves their health instead of their bank balance. Just like online casino games, exergames can be incredibly rewarding, only in a different sphere of players lives.

When the question arises as to whether exergames actually help you get fit the answer is a resounding yes and recent studies by the American Council on Exercise, University Of Massachusetts Department Of Exercise and Health Sciences and the University of Calgary Exergaming Research Centre all proved that these games are a great way to work out. These studies took note of how many calories were burned when games were played virtually and how many are burned during the real life version of the game. Participation intensity levels were also monitored, as were the duration for which each game was played or activity was engaged in. The results were clear; exergames definitely burned calories and boosted fitness levels in much the same way as normal exercising would.

As with exercising in a gym or other environment, what you put in will be what you get out and exergaming results are no different. If you really work at the game you’ll get fitter faster and the more you play, the quicker you’ll see results. The variety of different video exercise games also makes a difference as players are able to vary their routines and to work out different areas of their body, contributing to better overall fitness than those who simply perform the same exercise on a regular basis.

Exergaming also offers many incentives as it can be enjoyed with friends and family and will create a sense of healthy competition that will force players to try harder and push themselves more. This element of competition is one that is often a motivating factor that will keep people going as they want to perform at their best and beat their opponent, even if it is the TV.

This type of interactive gaming is a great alternative for anyone looking to get fit whilst still playing console games and a new generation of active gamer has been born. Online Pokies Australia – Find the Best Real Money Pokies 2015 list the best Real Money online pokies sites in 2015. Exclusive pokie bonuses of AU$1600 FREE at the best Australia online pokies sites.