All about the NRL

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The National Rugby League (NRL) is the premier league of professional rugby clubs in Australasia.  It is run by the Australasian Rugby League Commission.  The NRL is considered the top-level domestic rugby league club competition.  It is made up of clubs that come from the Sydney Club Rugby League Competition, which has been around since 1908.  The NRL has 16 teams, 15 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand.

The matches are played from March to October and take place in Australia and New Zealand.  The season ends with the NRL Grand Final, the most important and popular sporting event in Australia.  The winners of the NRL will play against the winners of the European Super League in the World Club Challenge, which is a pre-season match.

Betting on the NRL

The most popular way of betting on the NRL is placing bets online.  Australia has a range of sportsbooks offering bets on the NRL as well as up to date information that will be helpful when placing these bets.  Being prepared is the key to placing bets on the NRL and using betting strategies can be the difference between winning and losing a bet.

Start Small

A good strategy when betting on the NRL is to place bets on a small number of matches to start out.  There are many changes that occur from season to season and teams that were ranked high last season may be ranked lower this season.  By starting small punters can watch the progress of the season and enjoy some smaller wins until they feel comfortable enough to start betting on more games.  Placing too man bets in the beginning when the teams are still settling in could result in losses and it is always difficult to catch up from a big loss.

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Listen to the Experts

A great strategy to use when making bets on the NRL is to use what the experts say.  Social media is a great way to stay ahead with information about the NRL and these feeds will always offer breaking news.  There are also a host of sports betting sites offering detailed information for a quality betting experience. Punters can also subscribe to a NRL tips feed where experts give advice on betting.  The internet makes it easy to find experts, the ones that are well-respected and give good sound advice as opposed to those who do not.  Getting the right information on NRL matches and players can be an important factor when placing a bet.

Use Previous Bets

A serious NRL punter will record all of their previous bets and this is a good way to improve the odds.  Punters can make use of their previous bets, whether they won or lost, to place current bets.  By looking at the successes and failures of previous match ups punters can make use of this information to prepare more accurate bets.  The odds will improve as punters are placing bets that are determined by the results of previous bets.

Punters betting on the NRL should also be knowledgeable about the different kinds of bets.  By understanding each bet, how they work and the odds for each one, will be a great help when placing a bet.  Choosing a reliable sportsbook with competitive odds is another important factor when placing a NRL bet.

New Zealand Cup

All About the New Zealand Cup

The New Zealand Trotting Cup is one of the biggest harness races of the year, held annually at Christchurch. The race attracts not only top horses but high-class fashion, entertainment and food as well. New Zealanders and visitors from across the globe flock to the track for a great day out, and of course to watch the exciting sport of harness racing.

2016 Victors

The 2016 Cup was taken soundly by training and driving team Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen, who not only won the main race of the day, but also five of the other Cup Day races. Harness racing differs from horse racing in that the drivers have a much less strenuous job, and thus can be of a different age group to flat race jockeys. They can also take part in many more races per day than flat race jockeys.

The Purdon Rasmussen team took the main race of the day, the New Zealand Cup, with their four year old colt Lazarus. Lazarus won by a massive ten lengths, leaving the usually stoic trainer rather emotional. Lazarus ran a record winning race in a time of 3:53.10, beating the previous world record set by champion mare Adore Me who ran 3:54.6 in her 2014 win.

The other horses in the field, Smolda​, Tiger Tara, Christen Me and Franco Nelson were able to stick with Lazarus until the 400m mark, until he simply took off and left them behind.  Rasmussen had to watch from way down the track after her drive, Have Faith In Me proved his name rather ambitious after he jumped out of his gear and was disqualified. Purdon’s and Rasmussen’s All Stars Stable had runners in eight of the twelve races for the day, and won six of them, proving how well the team works together.


Lazarus was bred by Brian West of Studholme Bloodstock and Gavin Chin. He sold for $75,000 at the 2014 New Zealand Premier Yearling Sale in 2013. He is the first four year old to win the New Zealand Cup since terror To Love in 2011.

Lazarus’s future is a bit uncertain right at the moment. He has proved himself to be a winning horse but has just as much potential as a sire. His breeding is impeccable, tracing back to winning American families.

As a three year old he had already proven his quality by winning the New Zealand Sires Stakes Three year old Final in 2015 with Mark Purdon as his driver.  He has been a winning colt since his two year old season, taking the Sales Series Final at Addington in early 2015.

Bettors Results

Placing a wager on Lazarus as well as the All Stars Stable has proved profitable for bettors throughout not only 2016 but 2015 too. All stars seem to have the dominance over the harness world, at least for now. Lazarus has been the odds-on favourite for a number of races, and looks set to carry on being so should he carry on racing.

All About the ASB Classic Tennis Championship

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Tennis is one of the world’s most popular games and when played professionally there are numerous exciting tournaments that see millions of spectators watching the players on court. But tennis can be played by anyone just for fun, with only one other player, on club tennis courts, or on a make shift court at home. Anyone who can hold a racket can play tennis. There are even tennis tournaments for people in wheelchairs! One of the biggest tennis tournaments in New Zealand that attracts some of the world’s biggest pros is the ASB Classic and this event is a highlight on the sporting calendar.

The first staging of the ASB Classic tennis championship was held in 1985, and is now recognized as the current pre Australian Open tournament of the year, and takes place in early January. The Australian Open is the first of the big four Grand Slams, which constitutes the major tennis tournaments of each year.

Sponsorship by the ASB Bank

The ASB Classic Tennis tournament is the Auckland Open, sponsored by the ASB Bank of New Zealand, owned by the Commonwealth Bank. This tournament is a joint ATP World Tour and WTA Tour tennis event, played on hard outdoor courts. The 2016 ASB Classic tennis event was the 31st edition of the Women’s event, and the 40th edition of the men’s event. The winner of the men’s event was Roberto Bautista Agut, who won when his opponent in the final withdrew as a result of illness. The temperature on court was 38 degrees, and after the traditional Maori welcome, Jack Sock decided that he should heed his doctor’s advice and withdraw. The women’s champion was Sloane Stephens of the USA, also not the first seed.

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The ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland was built in the early 1920s, in Stanley Street, when it was little more than a piece of waste ground. For thirty years it was then the home to hard fought local tennis matches in Auckland, but in 1956 the first permanent international tournament, the Auckland Championship. Between 1979 and 1989 it was a tournament of the Grand Prix tennis Circuit.

Betting on Tennis Offers a Variety of Wagers

Betting on any tennis match, including the ASB Classic tennis tournament, can offer several types of bets. When getting involved in online sports betting, the basic wager placed is of course the winner or loser of any specific match, but big payout can be won for predicting the scores of each set, or which player will hit the most double faults, or whose balls will land out of court the most number of times.

Tennis is believed to have begun in France in the twelfth century, where a game called Tenez was played with players hitting the ball with the palms of their hands. There are also several references to King Henry VIII of England being very fond of playing this game in his youth. Tennis has certainly come a long way since then, in fact, at the present count there are over seventeen million tennis players in the USA alone!

Tips for Living a Balanced Lifestyle to Imrpove Fitness

balanced lifestyle fitness runner on bridge

For many Australians their busy lifestyle leaves little time for relaxation or exercise and after a while the fast-pace may get a little hard to bear.  Day to day pressures can build, stress and illness become a regular occurrence and a general feeling of being run down can become prevalent if you don’t take the time to relax, unwind, exercise and try and create a balance in your life.

The importance of a balanced lifestyle is often underrated but by maintaining your health, fitness and peace of mind you’ll feel far better and benefit from being energised and in control. It may be a challenge to create  a balance but managing your daily activities and making time for exercise and recreation will lead to a better quality of life overall.

These tips for living a balanced lifestyle will assist you emotionally, physically and mentally and are designed to set you on the path to happiness, fitness and fulfilling your full potential.

Exercise Regularly

Being unfit can have a number of negative effects on your body and not only does exercise improve your physical health, it’s also mentally very good for you. Taking the time to visit a gym, go for regular walks, swim or enjoy a yoga class will have short term and long term benefits and will leave you looking and feeling great. By setting aside time for exercise you’ll build up you fitness and avoid burnout. Australia has a number of excellent gyms and plenty of beautiful scenery, so you can choose to enjoy the great outdoors or work out under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Make Time for Fun

This may sound a little unspontaneous but setting aside time for recreational activities is essential to your well-being. The benefits of relaxing and having fun are numerous and one of the preferred recreational activities for many busy adults is online gambling. With the abundance of online casino Australia sites that cater to enthusiastic players it’s even easier to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, as these casinos allow you to enjoy all your favourite games whenever you desire. Ideal for keeping you amused and entertained, this is just one of the many activities that can be enjoyed and add value to your down time.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Staying fit, exercising regularly and enjoying recreational activities are a great start but it’s also important that you eat healthily and follow a diet that’s packed full of nutrients and vitamins. If you are working out regularly you’ll also need to ensure that your body is getting enough fuel and that you are following an eating plan that’s healthy and wholesome. Eating well will give you more energy and ensure that you can tackle whatever life throws at you head on.

Adjust your Mind-set

If you get stressed out easily, find it hard to motivate yourself when you feel overwhelmed or never seem to have time for yourself, you need to adjust your mind set and create an efficient schedule that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Recharging your batteries, getting enough exercise and coping with whatever life throws at you without incurring too much stress are all part of managing your mind set in a positive manner.

A well balanced life style will ensure you enjoy every minute to the full and whether you want to play online casino games, hit the gym or go for a walk, creating equilibrium is essential. AusVegas Casino Online Australia’s #1 Online Casino Guide 2015™ The #1 safe,secure & Trustworthy Online Casino Guide for Australian Punters. Rates & reviews the  best Australia online casino sites of 2015

Golf Bets Are an Integral Part of The Game

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Golf has been one of the world’s premier sports for many years. It is thought to date back to Scotland centuries ago, and perhaps forms of golf were played by people even earlier than that. What is certain is that today golf is played by millions of people, and the four big golf tournaments that take place every year are some of the biggest sporting events globally.

Betting on the outcome of golf competitions has also been around for many years. In fact, golf bets were probably placed as soon as the sport was born. Many people love to bet on the outcome of sporting events, and it adds to the excitement of watching the game if you have a little financial interest in the result.

Reliable Online Betting Sites in New Zealand

Golf bets can be placed at all top class online betting sites, and New Zealand punters can be assured that there are many to choose from. New Zealand gambling laws also allow punters to place golf bets with overseas betting sites.

Gambling laws in New Zealand are strictly upheld, and the top quality online sites give completely safe and secure service. Your familiar and trusted banking options will be provided for deposits and withdrawals, like the major brands of credit or debit cards, or the e-wallet alternatives.

golf-sunset-sport-golfer fitness collaborative golf bets

There will be a range of bonuses and promotions offered that are definitely worth looking into. You will also find reliable customer support by dedicated staff to help with any problems that may arise.

There is a range of golf bets that can be placed, and it is best to do a little research first, so you can analyse the advantages of each bet. It is also good to know some of the rules of the game, and the current form of some of the leading participants in each tournament. Golf bets may relay on luck a little more than bets on any other sport, as so often there is an unexpected and overlooked player who puts on an extraordinary display of skill to win the competition.

Different Types of Golf Bets

The first, and simplest of the golf bets, is of course the standard tournament winner. Punters place their golf bets on the player they feel most likely to win that particular tournament.  Odds on this bet depend on timing, with the earlier bets offering better odds that the later bet, which will be more certain of a winner.

The more popular of the golf bets is the head to head bet, where two competitors are selected from the entrants, and bet on which of the two will have the better score at the end of the competition. The odds on these bets will also vary, and there may be an easy small win or a more risky but larger win.

The reliable sports books that New Zealanders will find online will also give you more information on the golf bets available, and the difference in odds on each bet. There is also a wealth of tips and data on each of the golfers due to play in each tournament, so it will be easier to make an informed choice of golf bets.

So once you have decided on the online betting nz site you want to use, and have decided on the golfers you think likely to win, there is nothing to stop you placing your golf bets and sitting back to enjoy the entertainment.

free betting

Free Betting Rewards 

With a multitude of online operators providing free betting services to punters from New Zealand, Kiwis can opt for a host of various online platforms in order to secure multiple free betting offers from top quality establishments.

Nearly all free betting rewards are offered to new players who sign up with a particular provider. These rewards are enticing and have the potential for a lucrative boost in initial bank roll balance, allowing Kiwis to experience the providers service through a free betting bonus.

Ongoing Player Rewards 

Punters from New Zealand will be elated to know that free betting rewards are not just limited to new players. Many providers will offer free betting rewards to existing players for loyalty and style of play.

These types of free betting rewards are not as lucrative and generous as initial new player free betting offers, yet they allow for an enhanced experience that have the potential for big winnings.

Pick And Mix

With New Zealand’s government adopting a relaxed attitude towards online betting providers, Kiwis have the opportunity to register with nearly all-reputable websites offering free betting rewards.

This means that as a resident of New Zealand you can enjoy almost any online betting provider with full peace of mind.

Punters in New Zealand can register with many providers and claim the free betting reward from each one upon signup, allowing for multiple bonuses and odds offerings, which help you to pick and mix the best recipe for a rewarding payout.

Free Betting Has A Price

All types of free betting promotions are subject to terms and conditions that should first be read and understood before opting into any promotion.

These terms and conditions vary from provider to provider and are generally structured in such a way that keeps you playing in order to turn over your funds a certain amount of times, before you can make a withdrawal.

Punters from New Zealand should read the terms carefully as many free betting bonuses require a bet on stipulated odds, before it counts towards your play through contribution.

Keep in mind that all free betting promotions are optional and if you feel that you would not benefit from the offer, simply opt out of the promotion or contact the provider before making any deposits in order to ensure your exclusion from any withdrawal prerequisites.

Boosting The Odds

Price Booster free betting rewards allow punters to place bets on a likely outcome, with far better odds. The combination of better odds and a likely payout yields a potential big winning bet, which could improve your bankroll dramatically.

These types of free betting rewards are almost never linked to play through requirements allowing for more dollars to play with.

Match Offers

Match up free betting offers are incentives on deposits made into your account. The provider will credit you with a free betting bonus offer on your initial deposit.

These types of free betting rewards are usually linked to very high play through requirements and Kiwis should read through the terms carefully before accepting the promotion.

Betting With No Risk

Risk free betting is a fairly new offer available to punters from New Zealand. These types of free betting promotions allow punters to bet on certain events, risk free.

Providers will set parameters for the bet, punters can then wager within the confines of the parameters and even if the bet looses, providers will then credit your stake amount in credits or a free bonus.


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Adventure Palace

Adventure Palace Video Slots Game

Adventure Palace is a video slots game designed and developed by Microgaming, one of the leading companies in online casino software manufacturing. The game takes players into the heart of the jungle, and offers its players five reels and nine pay lines for a wild animal adventure. Special features include scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins and multipliers.

The Jungle Theme

Microgaming has developed a game with high quality graphics and good sound effects that aim to bring the jungle theme to life. Players will be greeted by a host of wild animals, which are represented as the Adventure Palace symbols. Some of these wild animal symbols include the snake, birds, peacock, monkeys, and the tiger. These are the lower-paying wild animal symbols.

The highest paying symbol is represented by the elephant. If players manage to land five elephant symbols on an active pay line, then they will be rewarded with the game’s highest jackpot of up to ten thousand credits.

Elephant Wild Symbol

The elephant symbol is not only the highest paying symbol, but it also acts as the Adventure Palace wild symbol. This means that it can substitute any of the other symbols on the reels, thereby helping players complete winning combinations and receive the highest possible pay outs. In addition, if an elephant wild symbol forms part of a winning combination, then players will also automatically receive a two-time multiplier on the win.

Adventure Palace Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the Adventure Palace video slots game is represented by the icon of the Adventure Palace itself. Here players will see a symbol with a grandiose palace in the middle of the jungle. The scatter symbol allows players to receive scatter wins. That means that players will receive a winning payout if they land two or more of these grand palace scatter symbols, regardless of where on the reels they appear.

Furthermore, the grand palace scatter symbol is also the key to the Adventure Palace free spins round. If players manage to land three or more of the palace scatter symbols, then this free spins round will be triggered, and players will immediately be rewarded with fifteen free spins. All wins made during the free spins round will also come with a multiplier of three and is a great partner with mobile keno games online.

Gambling with the Gamble Feature

Players of Adventure Palace will have the option of gambling their winnings. Every time they land a winning combination and receive a payout, the game’s gamble feature will be triggered. This allows players to stand the chance to either double or quadruple their winnings.

Once the gamble feature has been triggered, players will be taken to a second playing screen. Here they will be presented with a standard playing card lying face-down. Players can choose to guess the correct colour of the card or they can choose to guess the correct colour and correct suit of the card. If they guess the correct colour, then their wins will be doubled. If they manage to guess the correct suit, then their wins will be quadrupled. However, if they guess incorrectly, players can lose all of their winnings.

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Finding Great Greyhound Betting Sites Easily

Greyhound racing has always had a very close relationship with the pastime of gambling: betting on the outcomes of these races is ingrained in the dog racing culture, and is largely the reason this sports industry is still alive. Learning how to lay bets on these races online is very easy to do thanks to the fact that the sport itself is such a simple one. Each wager on a race will somehow relate to the punter attempting to predict the order in which the dogs taking part will be crossing the finish line.

The fact that greyhound betting is now possible to do online has been a lifesaver for the dog racing industry in an age where the tracks themselves are becoming more difficult to find. Most punters no longer live anywhere near a race-track, and would be unable to lay wagers were it not for the services that online sportsbooks are providing.

Punters who are interested in betting on greyhound races but are unsure where to begin on the vast online landscape can look to comparison sites for recommendations as to where and how to begin. It is very important that punters begin their online betting journey at safe; regulated; reputable betting websites in order to ensure that any and all winnings will be paid out promptly, and dog-racing websites that are properly licensed will generally pool all the online bets with those that were laid at the physical tracks, and are thus able to provide punters with odds that reflect the true value of each of the competing dogs.

The Challenges Brick and Mortar Bookmakers Face

It is a known fact that the sport of greyhound racing is experiencing a period of decline –one glance at the local newspapers will reveal just how many closed properties and struggling racetracks are in evidence. This is not to say that the industry is petering out: there are still a good amount of dog-racing tracks in operation worldwide, but there are challenges that the industry will have to face head-on going forward. Bookmakers extending their operations to include online facilities are one of the manners in which this decline can be arrested, and thankfully this is the case with the majority of the biggest and best sportsbooks in operation today.

Online greyhound betting sites have provided a boon to the troubled industry by generating interest in the public, and bringing the money tracks are in such dire need of streaming in. If it wasn’t for how popular betting on these races is, the sport would quickly become a niche one, and become even more difficult to locate and support.

Major Greyhound Racing Events Online Punters Can Enjoy

The liberating fact that the World Wide Web provides access to dog races all around the globe is one of the major reasons for its abiding popularity. No matter where a punter is actually located, he or she is able to enjoy events like the English Derby; Greyhound Night of Stars; and the Irish Derby. As well as being able to access these major events, the majority of tracks have regular races being run on a daily basis, and punters can access these at their own convenience as well.

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Betting on the Golf Majors at Online Bookmakers

The best players from each of the various golf tours battle it out in the four Majors held each year:

  1. The Masters
  2. The US Open
  3. The Open
  4. The USPGA Championship

These events are without a doubt the most popular tournaments for punters to lay their wagers on, and the amounts of money which exchange hands during these is astronomical.

Details on the Four Golf Major Tournaments

The Masters takes place on the Augusta National Golf Club course, arguably one of the most famous in the world. This tournament provides punters with an incredible opportunity to make money thanks to the huge amount of historical course information available about it, and predictions are far more easily made during this tournament as a result.

The US Open historically stands as the Major Tournament with the toughest scoring. The courses tend to be set up so as to ensure players will struggle to make a birdie, and that par is not just an average score, but also treated as a good one to pencil in on players’ scorecards. Many of the US Open courses are cosseted by thick, dense rough, and this means that golfers who fail to hit the fairways and greens face harsh consequences for their play.

The Open Championship, or British Open as America tends to refer to it, is the oldest of all four Majors, established in 1860. It is always played on traditional British links courses, and winning this tournament is the goal of golf players the world over. The conditions and scoring for play always depend on the strength of the coastal winds over the four days on which the course is used, and players are pushed to the limit as they try to take first place.

The fourth, and final, Major Tournament each year is the USPGA. It has become known for low-scoring, and presents an incredible challenge to players lucky enough to take part.

Finding a Good Online Golf Bookmaker

Punters who aim to make it big with online golf betting in NZ or Aus would do well to take in the advice of not just their fellow bettors, but the increasing amount of comparison sites that make it their business to review and double-check online bookmakers’ claims as well. The experts in the employ of these sites do a vast amount of research and investigation, and punters who stick to laying wagers only at the bookmakers these sites recommend can enjoy total safety whenever they wish to get in on a game.

State-of-the-art 128-bit SSL, or secure socket layer, software allows online bookmakers to offer their punters total protection when they open an account. This software is the same type in use at the majority of online banking institutions, and, as long as bettors make sure their bookmaker has passed the tests comparison sites put them to, they need never worry that there is any danger of their financial or personal information being compromised as a result of improper procedures being followed.

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Online Casino Bonus Code

Understanding Online Casino Bonus Code Rewards

Compared to land based casinos, online casinos are a relatively new concept, however, today there are countless numbers of casinos available online and the industry is a highly competitive one. Because the online casinos are in constant competition with one another for players they will offer special promotions and bonuses to people wanting to register an account with their casino.

Many of the bonuses are also available to existing members so as to keep these members happy and encourage them to keep playing, and therefore to keep spending money, at their particular casino. Some of the most popular casino bonuses include a welcome bonus, which encourages new players to join the casino, as well as a free spins bonus, a free cash bonus, a matching deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus. Some of these bonuses are offered to people if they have an online casino bonus code.

Online Casino Bonus Code

Some casinos manage their promotions and bonuses by having online casino bonus codes. This means that they will list a specific code on their website. At the majority of casinos that offer online casino bonus codes, the casino will allow players to type the bonus code into the cashier section of the casino’s website. The website will then redeem the code and you should receive the cash amount or the free number of spins instantly.

There are a number of casinos that are not set up in this way. Some casinos require members to send the bonus code directly to the casino’s support team. Once you have sent the code the bonus should still be redeemed immediately or soon after sending it in. These bonus codes are used by the casinos to encourage players to sign up and to make deposits so it is really within the best interests of members, or potential members, to redeem their bonus codes in order to receive their well-deserved bonuses. When a member is playing a game using the free cash deposit or free spins bonus any rewards that they receive will belong to the member and they will be able to withdraw the winnings. This is a great advantage for members because it means that they have the potential to win big without the risk of losing any of their own money in the process.

Regulations on the Online Casino Bonus Codes

Some casinos place certain rules and regulations on a member’s use of online casino bonus codes. Firstly, the bonus codes may only be available for a specific selection of games instead of all the games available at the casino. Secondly, there may be time limitations placed on the bonuses. Members will have to use up their bonus cash or spins within a certain time period otherwise they lose the bonus. There also may be a maximum jackpot amount placed on the bonuses. This means that players cannot win more than a certain amount of money while playing a game using an online casino bonus code. These regulations are why it is important for potential members to read the terms and conditions before joining a casino. Online casino bonus codes are, however, there to benefit the members and more often than not do just that.

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